Josh Allen Cards: The Top 10 to Store in the eBay Vault

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Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

There’s no debating that Josh Allen is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL and has quickly become a household name. The 26-year-old gunslinger has led the Buffalo Bills to three straight playoff appearances and they’re back to business in 2022 after beginning the season with an AFC-best 6-1 record. Allen’s success and likeability on the field have translated directly well into The Hobby. In a few short years, he's become one of the most sought-after players for collectors, and his market reflects that notion.

Now is a great opportunity to pick up some Josh Allen trading cards to add to your collection, and eBay—the original marketplace for collectibles—has the most unique, rare and hard-to-find inventory out there. With more than two decades of expertise, it’s no doubt that eBay has the cred to deliver a full suite of physical and digital capabilities at scale. From Authenticity Guarantee to Price Guide, Collection, the eBay vault and more, eBay is the ultimate destination for trading card collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The eBay vault—a 24/7 secure facility and digital marketplace for trading card collectors with no sales tax, storage or selling fees—has quickly become the premier service in card security. Card collectors, investors and hobbyists are using the eBay vault to securely buy, sell, and store trading cards more seamlessly than ever before. The eBay vault enters the market as enthusiasts are increasingly investing differently and looking at collectible items—like Josh Allen cards—as alternative assets. Single, graded trading cards and graded, autograph, relic, and patch cards purchased for $250+ on eBay in the US are now eligible for the eBay vault.

This Wyoming alum is a proven superstar, and a strong investment in both the short and long term. So, you can see why it’s fitting we talk about the Josh Allen cards you’ll want to consider adding to your collection in the eBay vault. Here are our top picks:

1. 2018 Prizm Josh Allen Silver Prizm

josh allen 2018 prizm silver

The Silver Prizm is perhaps the best-known parallel in collecting. It helped revitalize The Hobby altogether, and has become accessible. However, the 2018 Prizm Football parallels were excluded from retail products that year, and there were only two silvers in every hobby box—making the print run and pop reports quite low. Consequently, there are only 26 PSA 10s of Josh Allen’s Silver Prizm while 189 silver PSA 10s of Joe Burrow exist.

This specific gem has sold for as much as $15,500 back in 2021. These copies are growing harder to find; if you can land one, be sure to route it to the eBay vault. Panini isn’t making any more of them.

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2. 2018 Contenders Josh Allen Autograph

josh allen 2018 contenders auto

Panini Contenders is one of the most heralded sets to obtain for a rookie quarterback. Stars such as Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Justin Herbert all have highly collectible Contenders autos. Allen is no different. His PSA 10 rookie autograph shown above has sold recently for as high as $10,050.

We like this play in particular because it’s a good reference point for collectors. Nearly all great quarterbacks from the last 25 years have a Contenders rookie auto, so this card can be pitted against others.

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3. 2018 Optic Josh Allen Holo

josh allen 2018 optic holo

The Optic Holo parallel is a more accessible option for everyday collectors.  PSA 9 copies can be picked up for $400-500, which is close to the price of a PSA 10 base copy. Moreover, it’s a very aesthetically pleasing card, featuring a crisp design that is consistent with most Optic sets.

The PSA 10 shown above has sold for as high as $2,225. eBay vault-eligible others can be found at this link.

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4. 2018 National Treasures Josh Allen Rookie Patch Autograph /99

josh allen 2018 NT RPA

If you’re a high-end collector, this is a card you will want to have before it’s too late. Only a few of Allen’s National Treasures RPAs sell every year, and it seems like they reach a new high at auction every time. If Allen were to finally hoist the Lombardi trophy, this would be the card that high-end hobbyists would flock to first. With the way the Bills are playing, that Super Bowl is starting to seem like a matter of “when,” not “if.” 

This exact copy sold earlier this year for $162,000, but others have gone well over $280,000.

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5. 2018 Flawless Josh Allen Autograph

josh allen 2018 flawless auto

Another high-end addition to any eBay vault collection can come from Panini Flawless, which may be one of the most striking cards in The Hobby today. The Bills All-Pro has both an RPA and a base autograph in the set; the latter is shown above. It last sold for $21,500 in August.

This card will add prestige to any collection in the eBay vault, and it’s one of those gems that will undoubtedly become a precious family heirloom.

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6. 2018 Select Josh Allen PSA 10

josh allen 2018 select

Number 6 on the list is the most affordable. A 2018 Josh Allen Select Concourse PSA 10 will only run you ~$300. Eligibility for the vault is single, graded cards $250 and above, so a card like this will make the cut and be a nice addition to your vaulted collection. 

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7. 2018 Optic Josh Allen Downtown Case Hit

josh allen 2018 optic downtown

Panini’s Downtown case hit is extremely revered in the card-collecting community.  Fans love the subtle details of the card that pay tribute to the teams’ region. Allen’s rookie Downtown features a nice look of the Buffalo skyline and a glimpse at nearby Niagara Falls. This is also one of the biggest value increases of a card on this list.

A year ago, this PSA 10 was trading around the $3,000 mark. Today, it sells for $7,000-$8,000, marking a whopping 150% rise. 

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8. 2018 Panini Kaboom Josh Allen

josh allen 2018 kaboom

On a similar note, the Kaboom! case hit is just as sought-after in The Hobby. Allen’s 2018 Kaboom! is a rookie and one of the most valuable, but a 2021 copy can be picked up for a fraction of the price. Either way, this card adds pizzazz to any eBay vaulted collection, and it’s one that collectors can rally around.

The PSA 10 listed above sold for nearly $10,000 back in August, further cementing Allen’s immense presence in The Hobby.

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9. 2017 Select Josh Allen XRC

josh allen 2017 xrc

Next, we have Allen’s Select XRC redemption. These cards were randomly inserted in the 2017 Select product and then redeemed after the 2018 draft. His XRC outsells many of his flagship rookies due to its rarity and design. It has sold for as high as $3,600 but currently trades in the $2,900 range.

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10. 2018 Spectra Josh Allen Rookie Patch Autograph

josh allen 2018 spectra rpa

Josh Allen RPAs are not as cheap as they were two years ago, but nevertheless, collectors can still pick up a Spectra RPA for anywhere from $900-2,000. This product is slept on often, but it still produces awesome parallels and quality patches. The copy above is numbered to 50, and it sold for over $2,400 last year. If you’d like to diversify from case hits and non-autographed cards, adding a nice patch autograph can always strengthen any collection.

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Will you be adding any Josh Allen cards to your collection in the eBay vault? Let us know @CardTalkPod on Instagram and Twitter, and @ebaycollectibles on Instagram as well!