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Wondering what the most expensive Jon Jones cards ever sold were as he gets set to finally step back in to the octagon? Let's get in to it!

Jon Jones has had an immeasurable impact on the UFC and mixed martial arts as a whole. With a career 26-1 record, “Bones” ranks high on every major all-time UFC fighter list, and it’s no wonder why.

After some legal issues and time spent away from the fight game, Jones makes his much-anticipated return against heavyweight competitor Ciryl Gane at UFC 285. This main event match takes place on March 4th at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in the popularity of MMA trading cards. In 2021, Panini acquired rights to the UFC license, and they quickly released an inaugural Prizm set. Many cards from that set have eclipsed well over the $10,000 mark, so collectors are willing to drop big money on their favorite fighters.

Today, we are highlighting top Jon"Bones" Jones card sales of all time.  To keep the list fresh, we are only allowing an individual card to appear once.  Without further ado, here are the ten most expensive Jon Jones cards!

1. Jon Jones 2022 Prizm UFC Black Parallel 1/1 - $11,982

UFC Prizm Jon Jones Black

To start the list off, we have one of the most coveted parallels in sports cards: the black 1/1. Since the Prizm lime debuted in 2012, the black parallel has been extremely sought after, and it is oftentimes an athlete’s biggest card. Case in point for Jones, whose 2022 Prizm UFC 1/1 went for nearly $12,000 back in April 2022.

The card encapsulates a horizontal shot of Bones with the title belt. A piece like this shows you just how important photography and aesthetics are to a card’s value.

2. Jon Jones / Dana White 2010 Topps UFC ‘Thoughts From the Boss’ Dual Autograph /25 BGS 9 - $8,800

2010 topps ufc jon jones dana white auto

The only dual autograph on this list features Jones and Dana White, president of the UFC. These names are both staples in the modern fighting industry, so having them both on one card is extremely impressive. White is also one of the few sports executives who would have a sizable card market, so this is just a wildly unique MMA piece.

3. Jon Jones 2012 Topps Finest ‘Bloodlines’ Red Refractor 1/1 Autograph BGS 9.5 - $6,600

2012 Finest UFC Bloodlines Red Refractor Jon Jones AUTO

At three, we have arguably the coolest card on the list. We are suckers for old-school Finest refractors, and this one takes the cake. A 1/1 parallel? An American flag background? The “Bones” inscription on the signature? It’s no surprise why this one sold for $6,600 in July 2022.

4. Jon Jones 2009 Topps UFC Round 2 Rookie Autograph PSA 10 - $5,223

Jon Jones 2009 Topps UFC Round2 Auto

Next, we have Jones’ first licensed autograph from all the way back in 2009. Back then, Bones was a 22-year-old light heavyweight looking to make his mark in the octagon. Now, 14 years later, his resume speaks for itself, and he’s still looking for more. This card has sold for as high as $5,223, although recent sales have ranged from $3,600-4,000.

*The card shown above is from a 2022 sale rather than the Jan. 2021 all-time high.

T-5. Jon Jones 2021 Prizm UFC Gold Prizm /10 SGC 9.5 - $5,000

2021 Prizm UFC Jon Jones GOLD

As we mentioned earlier, 2021 was the inaugural year for Prizm UFC, so this is actually Jones’ first Prizm card. Check out the awesome action shot they used, which showcases Bones in the middle of a trademark kick. This card, which is encased in an SGC 9.5 holder, last sold for $5,000.

T-5. Jon Jones 2022 Prizm UFC Flashback Tribute Gold Prizm /10 PSA 10 - $5,000

2022 Prizm UFC Flashback Jon Jones Gold

We have another Prizm Gold tied at fifth. This set pays homage to the original 2012 Prizm design, which has since become iconic in the hobby. The card features another premier shot of Jones with the title belt, and it is limited to just 10 copies. It also sold for $5,000 in May of last year.

7. Jon Jones 2009 Topps UFC Round 2 Ultimate Gear Relic Auto PSA 8 - $4,305

Jon Jones 2009 Topps UFC Round2 Ultimate Gear Relic Auto

Here we have the first Jon Jones patch autograph, which includes both a shorts relic and a John Hancock. This card is printed on a thicker stock with black borders, so getting a PSA 8 grade is no easy task. We rarely see this one at auction, so a higher-graded copy could eclipse the $10,000+ mark if Jones continues his dominance in the UFC.

8. Jon Jones 2022 Prizm UFC Color Blast Case Hit PSA 10 - $4,056

Jon Jones 2022 Prizm UFC Color Blast

The Prizm Color Blast card is one of the most popular and desired modern case hits. We see these case hits in football, basketball, baseball, racing and soccer products, but we’re willing to wager that MMA does it best. Jones’ fierce fighting stance is well-accentuated by the background colors, making him seem like a larger-than-life figure. This stunner sold for as high as $4,056 in April 2022.

9. Jon Jones 2022 Donruss Optic UFC Gold Vinyl 1/1 BGS 9.5 - $2,750

Jon Jones 2022 Donruss Optic UFC Gold Vinyl

2022 Donruss Optic UFC is still on the shelves at many retailers, so it’s neat to see one of the product hits already graded. This gold vinyl 1/1 is Bones’ most recent trading card, and it has already found a new home. Graded a BGS 9.5, this gem sold as a buy-it-now on eBay for $2,750.

10. Jon Jones 2009 Topps UFC Debut Rookie Gold PSA 10 - $2,450

Jon Jones 2009 Topps UFC Debut Rookie Gold

To round it off, here is a short-printed Bones rookie from 2009. The card incorporates an action shot from Jones’ 2008 professional debut at UFC 87. This copy currently stands as the only graded PSA 10, making it one of the rarest Jon Jones cards in existence. It last sold for $2,450 in January of this year.

Will you be watching "Bones" return to the octagon? Or will you be picking up any Jon Jones cards in anticipation of fight night?

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