The Biggest Card in VeeFriends History is Pulled Live on Community Stream

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While many make the conscious effort to avoid black cats, the VeeFriends community has been searching for a special one for the last twenty months.

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What is the Very, Very, Very, Very Lucky Black Cat?

The VVVLBC is the logo and widely referred to as the mascot of VeeFriends. Its card has been one of the most sought-after cards in the exclusive VeeFriends x zerocool Series 1 Premium Trading Card set. This is the first time any of the six spectacular 1/1 black cat cards were seen in public. 

“For me, this is the biggest moment in VeeFriends cards. It’s the treasure we’ve all been hunting for two years and to have pulled it on our live show with Gary and the team in the chat was a dream come true,” said Tom “TGer,” co-owner of To The Moon Cards & Collectibles.

What are VeeFriends Series 1 Cards?

In March 2022, VeeFriends collaborated with the Fanatics collectibles brand, zerocool, to launch the VeeFriends x zerocool Series 1 Premium Trading Cards. 800 boxes of 10 cards each were released and sold via blind dutch auction. While 1,000 boxes were made in total, 800 boxes of 10 cards each were released and sold via blind dutch auction, with a closing price of $2,150 per box. The cards in the set featured all 268 original characters in hand drawn form. These sketches mirror the images on the original VeeFriends NFTs launched in 2021 and are the first-ever cards created for every character. As of late, boxes are selling for roughly $6000.

What is this card worth?

Who was the Very, Very, Very, Very Lucky Recipient of the Card?

What are the plans for the card?

“I honestly don’t know if I am selling right now. I’ve had an offer but my gut tells me that I’m going to wait,” noted Saugy. “I need to hold and cherish it. I want to put it on my mantle and enjoy it for now.”

For more information on the VeeFriends Cards collections and how to start collecting, follow the official VeeFriends Cards account and visit the official site. For more information on community breaks visit the To The Moon Cards Official Site.

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