Avicar is Innovating With Zero-Seat Remote Reality Motorsports

Welcome to the first-ever A-0 private race league

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When one takes a look at the racing esports arena, two major competitive tournaments dominate the scene - the Gran Turismo World Series and iRacing’s Official Racing program. The most experienced competitors hope to attain glory by crossing the finish line first on the digital track in incredibly lifelike renditions of their favorite rides. The concept behind Avicar matches up with what's being offered by those aforementioned reaching game leagues, but it's going the extra step to fully immerse its potential player base. And how does it hope to do that? By injecting a new type of virtual and augmented reality into its virtual racing called "Remote Reality."

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So here's what Avicar is all about - the company is kicking off the first-ever A-0 private race league, which will focus on competitors operating "zero-seat cars" and Remote Reality features. What this entails is drivers getting the opportunity to control real-world cars from thousands of miles away in real-time with the aid of a VR or mobile device through 5G, satellite, or high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. Hand-tracking controls and livestream cameras will be synchronized with the vehicle itself, which will go hand-in-hand with Remote Reality to produce "microsecond real-time reactivity and tactile response that comes as close to being in the driver's seat without having to leave home." So in theory, Avicar is determined to offer a new way to vie for first place in a digital racing league through peripherals beyond your usual racing wheel, stand, pedals, and stand setup.

The zero-suit sports cars that will play a major part in Avicar's A-0 race league have had an array of developers, race car drivers, car designers, and ex-Nasa engineers join forces to make it feel as lifelike as humanly possible. And for those who are worried about Avicar's technology's effect on the environment, there's no need to worry - the zero-seat cars will fully run on electricity.

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