The 16 Best Arcade Racing Games

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The constant bashing of buttons and joystick twirling should concoct wonderful images of the golden age of arcades.

As a kid looking to get into some digital hijinks after school, chances are you probably act to play them out via the local arcade. Fulfilling one’s fantasy of driving as fast as possible and clearing the finish line first was carried out back then and still does to this very day. The arcades of old and new always make sure to keep their patrons entertained with the presence of quality racing games. And after spending the sort of coins that could have paid for an entire college semester on them all, we know a thing or two about which ones deserve all the accolades.

These 16 arcade racers better be a part of your local arcade and Dave & Buster’s in town!

1. ‘Cruis'n (series)

2. ‘Daytona USA’ (series)

3. ‘Sega Rally’ (series)

4. ‘OutRun’ (series)

5. ‘Crazy Taxi’

6. ‘Mario Kart Arcade GP’ (series)

7. ‘Ridge Racer’ (series)

8. ‘Hydro Thunder’

9. ‘Rush’ (series)

10. ‘Star Wars: Racer Arcade’

11. ‘The Fast and the Furious’ (series)

12. ‘Nitro Trucks’

13. ‘Virtua Racing’

14. ‘Hang-On’ (series)

15. ‘Scud Race/Sega Super GT’

16. ‘Pole Position’

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