The 28 Best Multiplayer Horror Games

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People tend to be split down the middle when it comes to horror games. Some people love them and are fuelled by the fear and suspense that comes with playing them and some people can’t understand why anyone would ever put themselves through such an experience. For the latter group of people, perhaps the solution is having someone by your side, literally or figuratively. For you, we have a treat. Below is a list of the 28 best multiplayer horror games, so that you can share the experience with a bunch of your friends who enjoy the spine-chilling endeavors that come from playing spooky co-op games. Whether local or online, you and your most trusted group of gamers will get a rush from the heart-thumping scares these games bring in abundance.

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Best Multiplayer Horror Games

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1. 'Cry Of Fear'

Download Now, Free

2. 'Dead By Daylight'

Buy Now, $18.45

3. 'Dead Space 3'

Download Now, $19.99

4. 'Deceit'

Download Now, Free to Play

5. 'Dying Light'

Buy Now, $22.30

6. 'F.3.A.R.'

Download Now, $19.99

7. 'World War Z'

Download Now, $29.99

8. 'GTFO'

Download Now, $39.99

9. 'Hide & Shriek'

Download Now, Free-to-Play

10. 'Hunt: Showdown'

Download Now, $39.99

11. 'Killing Floor 2'

Buy Now, $28.98

12. 'No More Room In Hell'

Download Now, Free

13. 'Phasmophobia'

Download Now, $13.99

14. 'Resident Evil 5'

Buy Now, $23.95

15. 'Sign Of Silence'

Download Now, $4.99

16. 'Obscure'

Download Now, $6.99

17. 'The Blackout Club'

Download Now, $29.99

18. 'The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope'

Buy Now, $29.99

19. 'The Forest'

Download Now, $19.99

20. 'Unfortunate Spacemen'

Download Now, Free-to-Play

21. 'Evil Dead: The Game'

Buy Now, Price Varies

22. 'Barotrauma'

Download Now, $34.99

23. 'Lunch Lady'

Download Now, $4.99

24. 'DEVOUR'

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Download Now, $19.99

26. 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'

Buy Now, $29.99

27. 'Left 4 Dead' (series)

Download Now, $9.99

28. 'Remnant Records'

Download Now, $15.99
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