The 14 Best Fighting Game Soundtracks

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When one is completely engaged in an intense fighting game set, the sounds of the outside world no longer have any meaning. The laser focus that one gains while trying to outdo their opponent is key. And only the reverberations of strikes landing and special move callouts matter to you and your current rival. But from the outside looking in, onlookers may become enraptured by a few other elements. The onscreen spectacle taking place is one thing, but the audio backing a hard-fought battle can be just as enrapturing.

Speaking of audio, it’s easy to get caught up in moment-to-moment gameplay thanks to the catchy tunes blasting away in the background. Fighting games have provided a bevy of incredible tracks that have made it onto many a person’s workout playlists. We’re here to reminisce about the very best fighting game OST’s and make sure you have a new batch of songs to jam out to during your daily commute.

By the end of this list, you’ll be annoying your friends with the lyrics from Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s character select screen in no time. “I’M WANNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE!”

1. ‘Tekken’ (series)

2. Capcom Versus (series)

3. ‘Street Fighter II’ (series)

4. ‘Street Fighter Alpha’ (series)

5. ‘Street Fighter III’ (series)’

6. ‘Street Fighter EX’ (series)

7. ‘Guilty Gear’ (series)

8. ‘Killer Instinct’ (series)

9. ‘The King of Fighters’ (series)

10. ‘Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001’

11. ‘Soul Edge/Blade/Calibur’ (series)

12. ‘Skullgirls’

13. ‘Super Smash Bros.’ (series)

14. ‘Fatal Fury’ (series)

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