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Gaming chairs have such a great reputation for being comfortable and good for posture that they’re often used in offices where gaming isn’t going to be happening at all. Essentially, they’re great at sitting at for long periods, especially with the option of a footrest. If you’re in the need of a gaming chair with a footrest, check out our list of some of the best around below.

How to pick the best gaming chair with footrest for you

  • Consider size – Gaming chairs are notoriously large and will often be too big to fit in a small box room or office. After figuring out the rough area where you’ll keep the chair, also get the dimensions of the space so that you know it’ll fit well.
  • Consider adjustability – Part of being comfortable in a chair means being able to change the height and tilt of it to your needs on any given day. An adjustable headrest, adjustable height and a retractable footrest, for example, are also a great idea if multiple people are going to be using the chair.
  • Consider material – The vast majority of gaming chairs are going to come in a faux leather that’s great not only because it’s comfortable, but because potential food or drink spillage won’t cause stains. However, perhaps a upholstery fabric is the better option for some.
  • Consider design – Gaming chairs can be out there in terms of color choice and design, so make sure that you’re picking one that goes with the rest of the room, whether that’s a gaming setup or a formal office.

1. BestOffice Gaming Chair


Most Durable

This gaming chair from BestOffice is an extremely durable option. It’s made with a BIFMA-approved heavy duty metal base which means that the chair is not only sturdy, but can support 250lbs of weight. The chair is thickly cushioned and covered in PU leather. Lumbar support is adjustable while the reclining feature allows users to go from 90 degrees to 155 degrees. The dimensions are 20.9” D x 27.8” W x 53.5” H. Some buyers have stated that the instructions can be a little unclear and hard to follow.


  • Sturdy metal base
  • Good adjustability


  • Can be frustrating to assemble
Buy Now, $99.99

2. Nokaxus Gaming Chair


Great Adjustability

This gaming chair from NOKAXUS is ergonomically designed and is made from faux leather. Height is adjustable, the footstool is retractable and it rotates a full 360 degrees. The chair has great adjustability because it goes from 90 degrees to 184 degrees, which means you can essentially lie down on it. Another cool feature it boasts is that the waist pillow will massage you as long as you plug it into a USB port. After long use over time, some have reported that the leather can start to chip away at the seams.


  • Great adjustability
  • Massage option in waist pillow
  • Retractable footrest


  • PU leather can chip away over time
Buy Now, $152.99

3. AutoFull Gaming Chair

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AutoFull’s gaming chair is made with comfort and posture in mind. The waist pillow pays great attention to detail, supporting the spine, both sides of the waist, both sides of the back and also offering scapular and caudal support. That means that hours of gaming won’t leave you feeling strained by the end. The armrest are not only height adjustable, but also swivel 45 degrees to the left and right. If you think you might need to move the chair around a lot, the PU caster wheels allow for that to be a smooth process. The chair is not made for taller people.


  • Great adjustability
  • Great back support
  • Carbon fiber and PU leather


  • Not for tall people
Buy now, $239.99

4. RESPAWN RSP-900 Gaming Chair

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Best For Snacking While Using

Next up is this gaming chair from RESPAWN this is made from bonded leather and has a very wide footrest, meaning you can have your feet wide apart when reclined. You can recline up to about 135 degrees, which is enough for most people, but not enough to lie down in. If you’re planning on snacking or drinking during long gaming sessions, this is a great choice because the left armrest has a cup holder. There’s also a removable pouch on the side for any accessories like wires or small snacks. Keep in mind that some have said that this chair could use a little more padding.


  • Cup holder
  • Storage for accessories
  • Wide footrest


  • Could have more padding
Buy now, $298.84

5. Soontrans Gaming Chair

5 11

Great For Larger People

Last but not least is that gaming chair from Soontrans which is made from a combination of faux leather and carbon fiber. The chair reclines back to 180 degrees and the backrest is extremely wide, meaning that it’s still comfortable for those that are heavy set. The waist pillow has a massage function and can be adjusted quite easily with two straps. The seat cushion can be a little firm and hard to get used to.


  • Wide backrest
  • Massage function in waist pillow
  • Great adjustability


  • Cushion can be too firm for some
Buy now, $249

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