ONE37pm Commerce Policy: How We Test & Review Products


If you’re curious about the best summer fragrances, affordable earbuds or even the best Xbox horror games, ONE37pm’s team of editors has got you covered. Comprised of hardcore shoppers, gamers and pop culture heads, our team scours the internet tirelessly for the very best products and content to recommend—so you don’t have to.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team works to bring you the best products around, period. While we are gifted items to test, we review each one honestly, highlighting its cons as well as its pros to help you make a truly well-informed buying decision. We do not recommend products we don’t genuinely love and use ourselves, and all of our opinions are our own.When it comes to items we don’t have direct experience with, we vet them thoroughly, consulting with experts on our subject matter, painstakingly combing through reviews and ratings to find out what people really think of the items and fact-checking company claims about the products.

How We Test Products

ONE37pm editors select every item we feature. Here's how we go about that:

  1. We start by sharing our favorite things, which are items we've personally vetted—or combed through enough user reviews to feel like we have.  We clearly disclose the things we've tried, including quotes from editors or labeling them as one of our favorites. 
  2. We consult experts: While we ultimately choose the products we want to test, we often consult with experts on the topics that relate to these items for tips on what to look for. For example, we might seek a dermatologist’s insight on the most effective ingredients for clearing acne or a  LEGO expert when selecting some of the best sets to build. We take their advice into account when making our selections and use it as markers to hold the products up against.
  3. We research what's new on the market and what has a stellar reputation, researching studies and reviews on the products to find the top recommendations to share with you.
  4. We regularly update our roundups of the "best" products, removing items that are no longer in stock, updating pricing and adjusting the list to include new favorites.

How We Make Money

ONE37pm receives a commission on a portion of recommended commerce products on the site, which are notated in articles with an affiliate disclaimer at the top. If you, the reader, click through to the merchant’s site and make a purchase on these products, we receive a portion of the sale. Regardless of earnings, all products found on our site are genuine recommendations from our team and opinions are our own.


While we put all of the products we test through the wringer firsthand and will always warn our readers against any safety issues we may find, individual products may be subject to additional safety requirements for use. As such, we always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions. Some items may also be subject to recalls, and we encourage readers to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website for the most current information.

Contact Us

We are happy to address comments, questions or concerns about any ONE37pm affiliate content you may have. Please reach out to us at to share your thoughts.