The 5 Best James Bond Games

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The world’s most admired (and desired) secret agent has thrived on the big screen since 1962. 

Sean Connery’s role as the legendary James Bond in Dr. No started a blockbuster trend that still pleases audiences to this day. The dynamite firefights, on-road chases, and stealthier circumstances Bond always finds himself in always entertain in cinematic form. Those signature Bond elements have also been replicated in video game form to varying degrees of success. While it’s a bit depressing to realize that the majority of Bond games are below average, your mood will quickly change for the better when you reflect back on the above-average titles. There are five games from the world of Bond that we still look back on fondly and play whenever a few buddies come over for some FPS multiplayer fun.

Just in time for the release of Craig Daniel’s role as Mr. Bond in No Time to Die, let’s show some love to the British agent everyone adores by reflecting on his five best games.

1. ‘GoldenEye 007’

This N64 classic epitomized the home console FPS experience by making its controls far more approachable for younger gamers. And thanks to its high quality as a licensed title, gamers were treated to a rare moment in history where a game based on a popular IP didn’t suck. Goldeneye 007 is the sort of game that belongs in a museum when groundbreaking releases come to mind - it became a mainstay for competitive multiplayer, put forth a memorable campaign, and did right by its source material by replicating the best elements of the film it's based on.

Goldeneye 007 pushed the FPS genre to the forefront on home consoles and is responsible for many of the genre elements some take for granted nowadays. Without this game’s influence, your Call of Duty’s, Halo’s, and Battlefield’s wouldn’t be where they are today. By the way, never forget the golden rule for Goldeneye 007 deathmatches - picking Oddjob means you’re proud to be an outright cheater!

2. ‘The World Is Not Enough’ (Nintendo 64 Version)

Not enough people treat The World is Not Enough on the same level they do for Goldeneye 007 and that’s criminal. Not only is the N64 version of this underrated shooter stronger in the visuals department, but it also plays a lot better. The gunplay feels more satisfying and realistic - the addition of active reloading did a lot to strengthen that factor in that regard. When you compare this version of the game to its PlayStation One counterpart, it’s miles ahead of it thanks to its multiplayer mode suite and improved level design. The World is Not Enough had all those guns you’d expect, but we got most of our fun from playing around with Bond’s famous wristwatch to get ahead. And we will always adore the mission “Cold Reception” for presenting something different within the game’s varied campaign layout.

3. ‘James Bond 007: Nightfire’

This FPS felt so right on the Nintendo GameCube. James Bond 007: Nightfire feels like such a natural progression from its N64 predecessors - the graphics, gunplay, and multiplayer modes evolved wonderfully. Besides all the running and gunning featured in this game, there are some memorable vehicle sections that always have us on the edge of our seats every time we play them. And that fact that Nightfire’s multiplayer modes incorporate stages based on past Bond films was a nice reminder for longtime fans. Our go-to shooters for the GameCube will always come down to these two games - TimeSplitters 2 and, of course, James Bond 007: Nightfire. Man, we gotta load up that fire “Deep Descent” mission for old time's sake!

4. ‘James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing’

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing offered another change of pace from the FPS formula by switching the camera viewpoint to third-person. Even though 1999’s Tomorrow Never Dies did it first, Everything or Nothing did it better. This game features a wealth of explosive action setpieces - the motorcycle level is embedded in our memory. Plus getting to wreak havoc in a tank with Bond in the driver’s seat will forever be one of our warmest memories from this amazing game. The presence of a co-op mode is also another reason why we hold this playable Bond experience in such high regard - running around all types of levels with a couch co-op buddy in two made everything so much more enjoyable. Everything or Nothing is easily the best third-person shooter from the long line of Bond games.

5. ‘GoldenEye 007’ (2010 Remake)/’GoldenEye 007: Reloaded’

The remake that a lot of old heads have been requesting during the early 2000s finally came to fruition in 2010. Goldeneye 007 got the full facelift it so richly deserved and came out at the end of its development cycle as one of the greatest Bond games of all time. Instead of controlling Pierce Brosnan once again, players got to step into the tailored suit and designer shoes of Daniel Craig. Each of the game’s locales was reimagined, modern technology was put into place to match the times, and mainstay FPS mechanics were implemented to make it more approachable. The local multiplayer made its welcome return, but the cherry on top is definitely the implementation of online multiplayer. All those welcome additions, plus the extra updates that arrived with Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, did an amazing job of building upon the legendary foundation put forth by the N64 original.

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