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Having a high definition monitor for your gaming sessions is so important for really immersing yourself in the game. Without high quality screens, you are never going to be able to fully appreciate the genius world creation of some of the world's best animation designers! You really need to do your games justice, and play them with equipment that allows them to be shown at their full potential. Here are some of the best monitors to allow you to do just that.

1. Top Pick: AOC Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

2. Edgeless Design: Sceptre Gaming LED Monitor

3. Ultra-wide Screen: LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

4. Most Adjustable: Asus HDMI Gaming Monitor

5. Fast Response Time: BenQ Gaming Monitor

6. Also Consider: MSI Gaming Monitor

1. AOC Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

1 16

Top Pick

This gaming monitor not only provides a vibrant display of colors and contrast, but it actually curves around the gamer to immerse them in the game that they are playing. 

This monitor helps eliminate outside distractions and completely draw focus so that the game is played as well as possible.             


  • 1800R curvature
  • Height adjustable stand
  • AMD free sync
Buy now, $564.99

2. Sceptre Gaming LED Monitor

2 16

Edgeless Design

This monitor may not be the widest monitor on the market, but it does feature a neat, frameless design that gives the illusion that the screen is far wider than it actually is. 

This monitor is really great for playing games; it fills more of your field of view and draws you even further in.


  • 24” screen
  • Display port
  • Anti-flicker tech
  • Curved display
Buy now, $225.62

3. LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

3 16

Ultra-wide Screen

The screen design of this gaming monitor is wider than any other option on this list, and it is specifically made to give your gaming experience an all-encompassing feel. 

Watching this screen almost feels like being in the cinema, with the panoramic screen offering a much broader field of view.


  • Panoramic screen
  • 1ms response
  • Borderless design
Buy now, $996.99

4. Asus HDMI Gaming Monitor

4 15

Most Adjustable

The most important thing when it comes to the gaming experience is being able to customize all your equipment so you can play to the best of your ability. 

This comes down to the height and tilt of the monitor, as well as the coloring and contrast which are all adjustable with this gaming monitor.             


  • Smooth action
  • Temperature selection
  • Ergonomic tilt
  • HDMI ports
Buy now, $242.99

5. BenQ Gaming Monitor

5 13

Fast Response Time

This gaming monitor is specifically made for super quick response times that make for a completely seamless gaming experience. 

The screen has a 1ms reaction time, so the gap between moving the controller and moving on the screen is almost non-existent, ensuring higher performance!


  • Wall mount
  • Customizable color
  • Dual link DVI
  • Full height tilt
Buy now, $243.53

6. MSI Gaming Monitor

6 2

Also Consider

The most impressive aspect of this gaming monitor is the flow rate that manages to match with the processor in your console.

This means that you never receive any screen tearing or stuttering, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.  This is hugely important for properly performing in your gaming sessions. 


  • HD display
  • Adaptive free sync
  • AV LED panel
  • Anti-glare screen
Buy now

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