5 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers

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The Switch continues to sell very well and is on pace to be potentially Nintendo’s best-selling console of all time, already beating out the NES, Nintendo 64 and the Wii U. It of course comes with its Joy-Con controllers which the majority of people will use, but they also offer a Pro controller, which some prefer. The Switch also supports a bunch of other controllers, so if you’re looking for one, check out our list of the best ones around below.

How to pick the best Nintendo Switch controller

  • Consider comfort – One of the main benefits to not using the Joy-Cons is that you want a controller that fits in your hands better, closer to what we have with a PlayStation or Xbox. Make sure that the controller has been ergonomically designed to fit well in your hands and the buttons don’t require you stretching to reach them.
  • Consider durability – What can often happen with third party controllers is that the triggers feel overly sensitive or the buttons feel like they have no weight to them, which can make a surprising difference to your gaming experience. Great build quality is a must.
  • Consider design – Perhaps you want a color that matches your Switch, or just something stylish on its own. Design is a key factor for many.
  • Consider shape – Just because you want something other than what the Switch’s Joy-Cons offer, it doesn’t mean that you want something that looks entirely traditional. Perhaps you want something retro or a design that’s inspired by the Joy-Cons themselves with some slight differences.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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First up, it’s only right that you consider the Nintendo Switch’s own official Pro controller. This is a safe bet if you want the classic feel of a controller without taking a risk on the market. This controller works while the Switch is both docked and undocked. It offers motion controls, HD rumble and built-in amiibo functionality. The battery life is great and the controller has a great finish which gives it a premium feel in your hands. It’s worth noting that the triggers aren’t pressure sensitive, which could cause problems in specific games when racing, for example.


  • Premium feel
  • Amiibo functionality
  • HD rumble


  • Triggers aren’t pressure sensitive
Buy now, $69.95

2. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch - Mario Pop


Next up is PowerA’s Enhanced Wireless controller for the Switch. Crucially, the controller supports motion control, which is a big part of the Switch’s dynamic gaming experience. It also offers mappable advanced gaming buttons, LEDs, ergonomic design and more. You won’t find that there’s input lag or drift here, but some have stated that the Y, X, B and A buttons can feel a little hard to press down.


  • Supports motion control
  • LEDs
  • Bluetooth 5.0


  • Buttons can be hard to press
Buy Now, $54.99

3. AVIDET Wireless Controller for Switch/Switch Lite


This controller from AVIDET is wireless and has built-in 6 axis motion sensors, so that you can use it for motion control. It also has dual vibration for immersion and its turbo button allows you to assign a button to it and one press of the turbo button will make it act as though it’s repeatedly pressing the assigned button. It’s a great option, but perhaps overkill on a Switch controller. The directional pad doesn’t have a click to it, which means it can feel unresponsive.


  • Motion sensors
  • Turbo button


  • D-pad can feel unresponsive
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4. ECHTPower Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch


If you like some of the benefits of the Joy-Cons but wish there were some slight differences or improvements, perhaps this option from ECHTPower is the best option for you. As you can see, they’ll attach and detach to and from a Switch, Switch Lite or Switch OLED as the Joy-Cons would, but they have some unique capabilities. While you would usually need a handle connector to use the Joy-Cons together as one controller without the screen between them, this option offers that as standard. It has macro buttons, which can realise the function of multiple buttons at once, and a turbo button, which acts as though a button is being repeatedly pressed with just one push. They also feel a little more comfortable in hand for most. Do note that these don’t come with a charger (they require USB-C cables).


  • Highly compatible with the Switch models
  • Macro buttons
  • Turbo button


  • No charger included
Buy Now, $45.99

5. Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro


Last but not least is the Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro which is made by HORI but is licensed by Nintendo. It aims to give users the experience of a full size, traditional controller while it’s in handheld mode. The controllers are wider but maintain a good grip. They’re still dock-friendly too. If you want to keep the Switch in handheld mode but want something more than the Joy-Cons, this is the right choice for you. There are also some really great designs on offer. Keep in mind that these can drain the console’s battery quickly and there is no motion control or amiibo support.


  • Licensed by Nintendo
  • Good grip
  • Great designs


  • Drain Switch’s battery
  • No amiibo or motion control support
Buy Now, $87.01

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

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