The 28 Best Point and Click Adventure Games

Put your brainpower to the ultimate test in these classic point and click adventure games

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Not all games push you towards slashing and shooting everything in sight. Some of them reward you through expert analysis and quick decision-making instead.

In particular, there’s a genre full of playable ventures that are more puzzle-oriented and story-focused. Those types of beloved experiences are known as point-and-click adventure games. The long history of that genre began with the introduction of Silicon Beach Software’s 1984 release, Enchanted Scepters. And ever since then, legendary development studios such as Sierra Entertainment, LucasArts, and Telltale Games have created a number of point-and-click titles that sit near the top of the mountain. A quality point-and-click adventure game gives players an enthralling tale to follow, endearing characters that sit in your memory long after you’ve completed your journey, major choices to consider, and several puzzles that require thoughtful approaches to solving them.

We’ve handled the tough job of sifting through a massive lineup of point-and-click adventure games in order to find the best of the best. The 28 titles we’ve chosen to list here are currently the finest ways to enjoy one of the oldest genres in gaming. Put on your thinking cap and prepare to test your intelligence by taking on these incredible point-and-click adventure games.

1. ‘Grim Fandango Remastered’

LucasArts broke new ground when they released this 1998 classic – it’s known for being the first adventure game by the publisher/developer to utilize 3D computer graphics that were placed over pre-rendered static backgrounds. This remastered edition of Grim Fandango makes those strong visuals look even more impressive than ever before, while still retaining the dark humor that made it so beloved in the first place. Navigating the land of the dead as Manuel “Manny” Calavera will treat you to an adventure inspired by film noir and Mexican Aztec folklore.

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2. ‘Maniac Mansion’

A mad scientist by the name of Dr. Fred has kidnapped Sandy! It’s up to her boyfriend Dave and his fellow teenage saviors to break her free from her captive state. This LucasArts adventure is a callback to the 80s era of point and click adventure games – its visuals and approach to puzzle solving are representative of that time period, plus it still manages to be an amazing playable experience thanks to the many different outcomes you can arrive at and creative characters you’ll encounter. The most current version of this classic comes in original and enhanced forms, so you’re free to enjoy it any way you choose.


3. ‘Day of the Tentacle Remastered’

Dr. Fred’s dreaded mutated purple tentacle is ready for global domination! It’s up to you to aid Bernard Bernoulli, Hoagie, and Laverne as they do everything in their power to halt that intelligent creature’s evil plans. Day of the Tentacle Remastered polishes LucasArts’ 1993 gem with improved artwork and redone audio for the soundtrack and sound effects. The coolest feature behind this modern version of the cult classic is how it gives players the option to switch between its original and remastered visuals.

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4. ‘Full Throttle Remastered’

Just like the aforementioned Day of the Tentacle Remastered, this remastered edition of Full Throttle allows you to switch between the game’s original and redone animation. At the heart of this motorcycle mystery is a badass brute named Ben, who just so happens to be the leader of a local biker gang. After being framed for the murder of a popular motorcycle manufacturing mogul, Ben is forced to clear his and the good name of his fellow gang members. And of course, you’ll be there to help him do just that.

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5. ‘Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis’

George Lucas’ famed globe-trotting archeologist isn’t just a big-screen superstar. He’s also known for embarking on grand adventures within the video game space. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis follows the titular character as he looks to find the rumored sunken city of Atlantis. Nazi agents, who’re on the lookout for a weapon that supposedly caused Atlantis’ demise, get entangled with Jones and his close ally Sophia Hapgood. The high-octane action, puzzling situations, and globetrotting moments Indiana Jones’ films are known for are all here and accounted for.


6. ‘The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition’

This swashbuckling adventure puts you in control of a would-be pirate by the name of Guybrush Threepwood, who embarks upon a grand adventure. That journey pushes him to seek out the famed secret island of Monkey Island. First things first, though – he’ll need to travel to the island of Mêlée and buddy up with the pirates that inhabit it. Alongside those pirates is a mayor who tugs at Guybrush’s heartstrings and a sinister ghost pirate known as LeChuck. Enjoy this LucasArts pirate-filled caper with remastered visuals/audio, a super helpful puzzle hint system, a cleaner user interface, and improved controls.

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7. ‘Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge’

Once you’ve completed Guybrush’s initial swashbuckling trek, you should seek out his follow-up undertaking within the Caribbean. This special edition of Monkey Island 2 sees Guybrush set out to uncover the sought after treasure of Big Whoop. Standing in his way is the zombified return of Captain LeChuck. This quality sequel throws in HD visuals, full voice acting, a remastered music score, an improved UI, and the same puzzle hint system featured in the series’ last special edition. Besides those welcome additions are the option to choose between point & click and direct character control methods, object highlighting, and a host of behind the scenes content to enjoy.


8. ‘The Curse of Monkey Island’

The Curse of Monkey Island may not have received an HD remaster touchup, but don’t let that keep you from investing plenty of time into it. Guybrush Threepwood makes his return in a bid to do away with the curse that has afflicted his love, Elaine Marley. This means of course that he’ll have to contend with a whole bunch of pirates, smugglers, puzzles, a new rival in the form of a French buccaneer, and the (unwelcome) return of Captain LeChuck. You’ll get plenty of laughs from this quality follow-up as it features a whole slew of new insults for its swordfights.

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9. ‘Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack’

Once Telltale Games got ahold of the Monkey Island franchise, they did a bang-up job with the episodic adventure they devoted to Guybrush’s 3D foray. You’ll find yourself experiencing five episodes full of seafaring adventures as you help Guybrush seek out a cure for the voodoo pox he inadvertently unleashes. Monkey Island’s signature brand of humor and puzzle-solving is included within this complete pack’s bite-sized lineup of episodes.

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10. ‘Sam & Max Hit the Road’

Yep, we got another LucasArts classic to mention here. And this one’s all about the rambunctious duo of Sam & Max, who work together as Freelance Police. After taking on a case that involves the disappearance of Bigfoot from a nearby carnival, the two private eyes get embroiled in all sorts of humorous hijinks within a wonderfully animated 2D world. The canine shamus and hyperkinetic rabbit thing’s comic book origins may have created them, but this game is the reason why they’re remembered so fondly.

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11. ‘Sam and Max Complete Pack’

Telltale Games eventually got their hands on the Sam & Max IP and ended up producing three seasons worth of amusing content for its reimagining. The first season features six episodes, the second season comes with five, and the third and final season (entitled The Devil’s Playhouse) includes five more episodes to play through if you hop on this complete package deal. 16 episodes in total for a fully 3D caper starring Sam & Max is worth a buy if you ask us. You’ll quickly come to appreciate the comedy stylings and unique approach to crime-solving the series’ anthropomorphic duo is known for.

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12. ‘The Walking Dead’

Based on the mega-popular Image Comics franchise, The Walking Dead adventure games stand out as the best examples of Telltale Games’ modern interpretation of classic point & click games. You’ll begin your post-apocalyptic tale as Lee Everett, a convicted felon who finds himself in a world full of pain and strife. His chance meeting with a young girl by the name of Clementine gives him a chance at redemption as he protects her from the worst of humanity and the undead. The Walking Dead Telltale Games series features four main story seasons, a sort-of prequel installment, and a side expedition that focuses on fan-favorite character Michonne.

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13. ‘The Wolf Among Us’

DC Comics’ Fables series offers up a clever take on the fairy tales and folklore your parents used to read to you as a child. The comic book flips on all those stories by heading to a far more serious and darker realm. Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us places you within the world of Fables and tasks you with solving a brutal murder as Bigby Wolf. The big bad wolf himself encounters all sorts of shady characters and dangerous situations in the danger-filled world of Fabletown.

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14. ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’

You would have thought that a Telltale Games episodic series based on the Gotham City adventures of Batman would lack the action the comic books are known for. But the two seasons delivered by this game honor everything that fans have come to appreciate about The Dark Knight. Batman: The Telltale Series presents an interesting take on the Wayne Family legacy, plus it presents you with two iconic foes to confront – Two-Face and The Joker. Batman’s crime-solving wizardry and combat expertise are replicated perfectly in this memorable Telltale Games experience.

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15. ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series’

We’ve already shown some love to a Telltale Games DC Comics-based title. Now let’s do the same for a Marvel Comics-based release. The episodic adventure we’re alluding to is the one that brings together Marvel’s ragtag group of galaxy explorers/saviors. Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot are all here and accounted for in an adventure game full of hilarity, action-packed space battles, and impactful choices to consider for the fate of the universe. And as expected, this game’s usage of beloved 80s tunes fits the mood of the Guardians of the Galaxy to a tee.

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16. ‘Tales From the Borderlands’

Telltale Games actually put out an adventure game based on a franchise known for featuring fast-paced first-person shooting? Yep, and it came out a lot better than everyone figured it would be. Tales From the Borderlands takes place after the events of the second game and places you within the strife-filled world of Pandora. The space-faring adventures of playable characters Rhys and Fiona give you all sorts of gut-busting situations to get embroiled in that’s strengthened by strong character work. Plus the cel-shaded art style of the series makes this Borderlands spinoff game as legit as possible.

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17. ‘Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut’

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is regarded as one of the greatest point and click adventure games of all time. The best version of that classic can currently be played through a director’s cut that features a whole new story arc, minigames that can be played from a first-person perspective, enhanced audio, and so much more. This throwback adventure game revolves around you being entangled within a global conspiracy as an American tourist that’s doing everything in his power to unravel it. With the assistance of a photojournalist, getting to the bottom of that dangerous mystery becomes even riskier, eye-opening, and funnier than ever before.

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18. ‘Broken Sword 2 – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered’

The sequel to the aforementioned game on this list is definitely worth a playthrough. Both of the game’s main characters that linked up during their first global escapade return for a new adventure. This time around, a drug gang and an ancient Mayan artifact place the photojournalist in harm’s way and her American friend on the path towards figuring out who/what is behind it all. New international locales, a cast of interesting characters to interact with, and a host of gameplay improvements over the original push this beautifully remastered edition of Broken Sword 2 to higher levels of quality.

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19. ‘King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow’

Sierra Entertainment’s biggest IP is none other than King’s Quest, a series of highly regarded point and click adventure games set within medieval times. The series entry that most fans bring up as the best of the best is the exact one we’ve chosen for this list. King’s Quest VI follows a man named Alexander, who sets out to rescue the woman who saved his life. This entails him exploring the Land of the Green Isles and solving a myriad of puzzles along the way. King’s Quest VI is the high point of the series thanks to its commendable replay value and unmistakable charm.

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20. ‘King’s Quest’ (2015)

The past adventures of Sir Graham are amazing in their own right and can be played via a complete Steam compilation these days. After you’ve made your way through that set of standout adventure games, you’d best seek out the modern reinvention of the King’s Quest franchise. The five chapters within this pick on our list follow a wiser and much older King Graham, who recounts his past triumphs to his granddaughter Gwendolyn. The tales he tells come in the form of playable segments that give you plenty of open-ended puzzles to solve and major choices to make.

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21. ‘Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It’s Dark Outside’

Pajama Sam should be familiar to all 90s babies who were first introduced to point & click adventure games through this next pick. No Need to Hide When It’s Dark Outside follows the young tyke as he transforms into his superheroic alter ego to take on his biggest foe – Darkness! This cute and colorful game features plenty of educational questions, age-appropriate puzzles, and life lessons that any young child will surely enjoy. The cartoony visuals will bring in the young ones, while the incredibly fun gameplay will do a great job of keeping them.

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22. ‘Life is Strange’

Life is Strange is another fine example of how much the point and click adventure game genre has evolved. The main plot being told within it focuses on best friends Max and Chloe. In a strange turn of events, Max discovers that she has the ability to rewind time. Her newfound powers come into play as she and Chloe look into the strange disappearance of a fellow student named Rachel. The rewind time mechanic’s smart implementation during Life is Strange’s biggest moments make it stand apart from its contemporaries. And the game’s big story reveals make it an adventure you’ll never forget.

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23. ‘Life is Strange 2’

The second installment within the Life is Strange series brings two new main characters and a different mind-bending power into the mix. Brothers Sean and Daniel end up on the run following a traumatic event. At some point during their travels, Daniel realizes he has the power to move objects with his mind. Daniel’s power and the ways in which he chooses to wield it are impacted by the way you play as Sean. The choices you make play a huge part in how both brothers reach the end of their harrowing trip through the US. Life is Strange 2 is an amazing follow-up that tugs even harder at the heartstrings of the series’ loyal fanbase.

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24. ‘Broken Age’

Tim Schafer’s expertise in the area of developing point and click adventure games are well known. His design work has been applied to classics such as Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, The Secret of Monkey Island, etc. He returned to the genre that made him so highly regarded alongside Double Fine Productions to create a modern-day great. That game ended up being Broken Age, a coming-of-age story that follows two young characters who are seemingly tied to each other’s grand destiny. Broken Age comes in two fulfilling acts that are equal parts fun and funny.

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25. ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy’

Forgive us for cheating here by listing three games in one pick, but we’d be remiss for not mentioning any of Capcom’s amazing Ace Attorney titles. Thankfully, the series’ first three games come included within this trilogy compilation that features improved sprites and music for each entry. All three games place you into the hectic world of courtroom drama as the ditzy yet determined defense attorney Phoenix Wright. You’ll be put in charge of helping him get to the bottom of several cases via evidence gathering and client questioning. OBJECTION!

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26. ‘Kathy Rain'

90s babies will adore this one. Kathy Rain transports players back to one of the greatest decades of all time and puts them on the trail of a mystery surrounding the death of the main character’s grandfather. This point and click adventure game may have been released in 2016, but it fits the classic mechanics that its retro contemporaries are celebrated for. Kathy Rain’s crispy pixelated art sheen, strong voice acting, and compelling storytelling make its mystery-filled experience worth playing through to completion.

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27. ‘Thimbleweed Park’

The creative minds behind Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion are responsible for the next game on our list. Thimbleweed Park takes place within a small town that’s full of secrets you set out to unravel. Thimbleweed Park is home to an array of strange locales to venture within and five characters to do all that fun exploring with. If you have a love for The X-Files and Twin Peaks, then this neo-noir mystery will quickly become your new favorite.

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28. ‘The Neverhood’

The final game on our list is a cult classic that has an art style all its own. The Neverhood adopts a super unique stop motion clay animation style that’s still eye-popping to this very day. In it, you take on the role of Klaymen (get it?) and solve puzzles as you move around a strangely deserted locale. Even though The Neverhood was a commercial failure, critics and fans alike still hold it up as one of the most creative point and click adventure games ever made.

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