The 21 Best Rhythm Games of All Time

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Music - it moves us, it impacts our emotional state, and it drives us to work out that much harder. It also has a way of providing a rewarding gameplay activity that's either physically done through tapping buttons in sync with the music playing out onscreen or physically dancing to that same tune. There have been a vast amount of games that deal with representing the genres of rock and roll, rap/hip-hop, electronic dance music, J-Pop (Japanese Pop music), and so much more. Everyone who's played a rhythm game before knows about all the greats - Parappa The Rapper, Dance Dance Revolution, and Guitar Hero are the types of classics that should immediately spring to mind. We're going to shout out those games and a whole lot more in this list of the 21 best rhythm games of all time.

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Best Rhythm Games

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1. ‘Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock’

Buy Now, $379

2. ‘Rock Band 3’

Buy Now, $120

3. ‘Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2’

Buy Now, $43.11

4. ‘DJ Hero 2'

Buy Now, $379.99

5. ‘Fuser’

6. ‘Beat Saber’

Download Now, $29.99

7. ‘Sayonara Wild Hearts’

Buy Now, $16.90

8. ‘Dance Central 2'

Buy Now, $17.99

9. ‘Theatrhythm Final Bar Line’

Buy Now, $39.99

10. ‘Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory’

Buy Now, $59.88

11. ‘Metal: Hellsinger’

Download Now, $29.99

12. ‘Rez Infinite'

Buy Now, $97.61

13. ‘Aaero’

Download Now, $14.99

14. ‘Taiko No Tatsujin: The Drum Master!’

Download Now, $49.99

15. ‘Thumper’

Download Now, $19.99

16. ‘Crypt of the NecroDancer’

Buy Now, $25.45

17. ‘PaRappa the Rapper’

Buy Now, Price Varies

18. ‘Um Jammer Lammy’

Buy Now, $119.99

19. 'Bust-A-Groove'

Buy Now, $199.98

20. 'Patapon Remastered'

Download Now, $7.49

21. 'Amplitude'

Buy Now, $35.97
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