The 16 Best ‘Roblox’ Games

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If you have children, young siblings, young children in the family or interact with any children at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Roblox and have had to dodge requests to buy "Robux," the platform’s currency. It’s a massive platform that isn’t even a game per se, but a game platform and creation system. Within it, there is an estimated 40 million games. Within that though, there are thousands that have been played more than a million times and a small handful that have been played over a billion times. We’ve sifted through them for you to find what we believe are the 16 best Roblox games right now. Check out the full list below.

1. 'Adopt Me!'

adopt me
Roblox Wiki
  • Genre: MMORPG, Digital Pet
  • Creator: DreamCraft

In Adopt Me!, you take on the role of either an adult or child, both of which have a pet to take care of. You can do this Sims-style, but an element of the game that players have loved embracing is the collectible pet aspect. There are frequent updates with additions to cosmetics, toys, and more. This life simulator is always at the front of every conversation revolving around the best Roblox games worth investing time into.

2. 'All Star Tower Defense'

  • Genre: Gacha, Tower Defence
  • Creator: Top Down Games

There are a lot of tower defense-type games on Roblox, but for many, All Star Tower Defense takes the cake because of how unique some of its elements are. You can use a wide range of cool characters from Naruto, My Hero Academia, and more great anime. There are also famous anime locations to defend, so if you’re a fan, this is a no-brainer.

3. 'Anime Fighting Simulator'

3 1
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Creator: BlockZone

If you do love anime, you’re likely very fond of the fight scenes in particular. Anime Fighting Simulator is a game inspired by those scenes. Roblox is of course a platform aimed at kids, so the fights here won’t be as graphic, but they’re still extremely enjoyable to be a part of.

4. 'Blox Fruits'

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Creator: Gamer Robot Inc

Inspired by One Piece’s Devil Fruit, the concept of this game is that consuming different Blox Fruits give you special powers. You use these powers to defeat bosses as you traverse the world, all the while teaming up with others to do so. You’ll need to increase your strength throughout the game to defeat harder foes, making it a fun progression.

5. 'Brookhaven'

5 1
  • Genre: Roleplay
  • Creator: Wolfpaq

Brookhaven is a role-playing game where you kick your feet up and live a virtual life with hundreds of thousands of other players. You can have a nice house, car and even do jobs to earn Robux. You’ll never have to worry about the world not feeling life-like because the game has had tens of billions of players.

6. 'Build A Boat For Treasure'

6 1
Roblox Wiki
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Creator: Chillz Studios

The name of this game really spells out its concept. You and a bunch of friends can build a boat together and then must survive a bunch of different environments in order to get some valuable treasure. This one is perfect to play in a group and has a Minecraft/Sea of Thieves feel to it.

7. 'Jailbreak'

  • Genre: Town & City
  • Creators: asimo3809 and badcc

This is a cops and robbers-style game where you can pick which side you want to be on. As a robber, you’ll go on heists and as a cop, naturally, you’ll try and stop the heists and catch the culprits. An interesting spin here is that the chase can actually just break out into a fight, which is always fun.

8. 'Murder Mystery 2'

  • Genre: Horror
  • Creator: Nikilis

If you like Among Us, make sure you check out Murder Mystery 2 (along with this list of some of the other best Roblox games, of course). Players vote on maps and then are given one of three roles - sheriff, innocent, and murderer. The murderer must try to kill everyone while the sheriff tries to correctly identify them. The innocents, the largest group, must try to survive and can help the sheriff too.

9. 'Natural Disaster Survival'

9 1
  • Genre: All
  • Creator: Stickmasterluke

Natural Disaster Survival is a spin on many of the popular battle royale games today because instead of fighting each other to win, you and a group of people online must battle it out against, you guessed it, natural disasters to see who comes out on top. These include flash floods and earthquakes, which all involve different survival tactics to win.

10. 'Pet Simulator X'

  • Genre: All
  • Creator: BIG Games Pets

Similar to a game like Pokémon, the goal here is to collect as many of the pets on deck as possible. As you’re building your collection, you traverse the world to try to add to it, all the while hoping to hatch some rare animals. You can pet everything from regular farm animals to unicorns and mythical creatures. Pet Simulator X is definitely one of the best Roblox games since it scratches that "gotta catch 'em all!" itch most gamers have these days.

11. 'Royale High'

  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy RPG
  • Creator: callmehbob

You might know Royale High as Fairies & Mermaids Winx High School. You basically roleplay as a high school student with some powers. Studying helps your character level up, but you have to balance that with socializing with your fellow students. Better grades mean more Robux, which is a great incentive.

12. 'Shindo Life'

  • Genre: All
  • Creator: RELL World

If you’re a big Naruto fan, then Shindo Life is a must-play. It’s essentially set in and heavily inspired by that world, but you can also create your own anime-style fighter and play that way too. In a game mode called Arena, you can fight with other opponents by selecting characters, making for a fun change.

13. 'Speed Run 4'

  • Genre: Platformer
  • Creator: Vurse

Speed runs are a massive part of gaming now and every kind of game out there that could possibly get run through is. This game flips that on his head and makes the entire game about doing it as quickly as possible. You can do this either on your own or with a group of friends and there are 31 levels to get through.


14 1
  • Genre: All
  • Creator: Trendsetter Games

No points for guessing what this game’s about. This is one that gained Roblox a ton of popularity because it really does feel like a simulator of the popular K-Drama. Just like the show, not only will you have to survive the tough games, but you’ll also have to deal with the threat of other players at different points.

15. 'Super Bomb Survival!'

  • Genre: All
  • Creator: Polyhex

The concept of this game is very simple yet very fun. You’re in a lobby with a bunch of others players in a destructive environment and all of a sudden, crazy things like dynamite start falling from the sky. You have to try to avoid these while navigating the environment that is also breaking apart around you. Even if you do get eliminated, spectating other players is fun and there are some fun things you can do in limbo.

16. 'Theme Park Tycoon 2'

16 1
  • Genre: Building
  • Creator: Den_S

Last but not least is a classic theme park sim called Theme Park Tycoon 2. It’s true to the genre in the sense that you’re given land to work with and you must construct the rides yourself. The better the park is, the more revenue you generate. And the more revenue you generate, the better you can make your park. You’ll have to cover not just coasters but things as small as bins around the park too. It’s a fun game to get lost in.

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