10 Times Gaming Got April Fool's Day Right

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April 1st, which is known the world over as April Fool's Day, is usually one of the holidays that stand out the most as springtime draws near.

The most essential thing to do on April 1st is to play an April Fools joke, of course. Wherever you happen to be on the internet on that particular day, you will almost certainly come across a variety of sweet little lies and jokes. April Fools jokes are now a common occurrence in the gaming industry. Surprisingly, there are a good number of April Fool's jokes that have managed to deceive and fool gamers everywhere.

Join us as we reminisce and look back at the 10 best April Fool's Day gags that fooled the gaming industry.

1. Sheng Long Unlock in 'Street Fighter II' (1992)

2. Sonic and Tails Character Unlocks in 'Super Smash Bros. Melee' (2002)

3. PlayStation Flow (2015)

4. Two-Headed Ogre Race in 'World of Warcraft' (2004)

5. 'The Legend of Zelda' Live-Action Movie Trailer (2008)

6. Corsair Game Launcher (2019)

7. 'Totally Accurate Battle Simulator' - Bug DLC (2020)

8. Ubisoft's 'For Honor': Mini Edition (2020)

9. RGB Hair – Razer (2021)

10. 'Yakuza' Embraces Turn-Based Combat Mechanics (2019)

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