The 10 Weirdest Kirby Powers

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Brittany Vincent/ONE37pm

Kirby is everyone's favorite pink puffball, but not just because he's cute. He can be, like Barbie, just about anything he wants. One of Kirby's hallmark powers is being able to absorb enemies and use their powers as his own. Doing so gives him a fun new outfit and plenty of new ways to punish the baddies around him.

Many of them are pretty normal, like adding a sword to Kirby's arsenal so he looks like a miniature Link from The Legend of Zelda. Others are, shall we say, a little more bizarre. Everything about Kirby is nice and cute, until it starts to cross over into the weird territory. That's what we're here for, to take a peek at some of Kirby's more unorthodox abilities.

Let's dive right in and check out 10 of Kirby's weirdest powers. You never know, one of them just may become your new favorite -- or at least a curiosity you want to know more about. And then boom! You've got a new game to track down.

1. Bubble Kirby

2. Balloon Kirby

3. Cleaning Kirby

4. ESP Kirby

5. Needle Kirby

6. Spider Kirby

7. UFO Kirby

8. Jet Kirby

9. Doctor Kirby

10. Circus Kirby

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