The 10 Weirdest Kirby Powers

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Kirby is everyone's favorite pink puffball, but not just because he's cute. He can be, like Barbie, just about anything he wants. One of Kirby's hallmark powers is being able to absorb enemies and use their powers as his own. Doing so gives him a fun new outfit and plenty of new ways to punish the baddies around him.

Many of them are pretty normal, like adding a sword to Kirby's arsenal so he looks like a miniature Link from The Legend of Zelda. Others are, shall we say, a little more bizarre. Everything about Kirby is nice and cute, until it starts to cross over into the weird territory. That's what we're here for, to take a peek at some of Kirby's more unorthodox abilities.

Let's dive right in and check out 10 of Kirby's weirdest powers. You never know, one of them just may become your new favorite -- or at least a curiosity you want to know more about. And then boom! You've got a new game to track down.

1. Bubble Kirby

What happens when you combine a vacuum-like puffball with a bubble bath? Bubble Kirby! First introduced in Kirby Squeak Squad, Bubble Kirby is quite literal. Kirby can gain it by inhaling enemies that produce bubbles, like Bubble Head or Buboo. Kirby dons a bathing cap covered in bubbles, and can then use a bubble wand to trap enemies in their own soapy prisons.

2. Balloon Kirby

What's that floating up there in the sky? It's Balloon Kirby! This perfectly round version of Kirby first made an appearance in Kirby: Canvas Curse. Kirby becomes inflated so that he's much bigger and bouncier. He can't damage enemies, but if he does tend to pop, which can stun all the enemies on screen. He can obtain this power from the Bloon enemy.

3. Cleaning Kirby

There's nothing better than getting squeaky clean, and Cleaning Kirby makes sure that everything is tidy. This ability debuted in Kirby's Dream Land 3, and outfits Kirby with a bandana covered in green stars, giving him a broom. Kirby can dust in front of him with said broom and destroy blocks to clear a path as well as clear leaf piles and extinguish fires. It's a lot more effective than a normal broom, you see.

4. ESP Kirby

Who wouldn't want to have psychic powers? ESP Kirby does, and he'll use them against you if he has to. The ESP ability first appeared in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Kirby can create psychic projectiles and through them at enemies in addition to turning invisible and moving his projectiles around in the air. Additionally, the Robobot Armor can use the power to generate enormous spheres of electricity.

5. Needle Kirby

Soft Kirby meets spiky. That's what happens with the Needle ability. Needle Kirby first appeared in Kirby's Adventure, and it lets Kirby grow spikes from his head to deal damage to surrounding enemies. He also gains a weird little helmet that clashes with his usual fashion sense a bit, but you can't argue with the results.

6. Spider Kirby

You wouldn't think that spiders and Kirby come together often, but Spider Kirby is totally a thing. First spotted in Kirby Star Allies, Spider Kirby lets our favorite fuzzball use spider webs to trap enemies. They'll stick around for a bit before disappearing, and eventually trapped enemies or those who come into contact with a web will be trapped in a pod.

7. UFO Kirby

Kirby himself is a bit of an iniquity. Is he an evolutionary anomaly? Strange animal? Maybe he's an alien. That might be where UFO Kirby comes from. First seen in Kirby's Adventure, UFO Kirby lets Kirby levitate and use four different attacks that changes the longer you hold down the attack button. It's also quite difficult to obtain, as nyou need to get it from another actual UFO. The truth is out there.

8. Jet Kirby

Kirby can already fly, so what's he doing with a jet engine? That's what we want to know about Jet Kirby. First seen in Kirby Super Star, Jet Kirby lets the pink puffster zip through the air much faster, supplementing it with kicks and headbutts. Kirby can even have limited invincibility as he uses jet power to ram into enemies.

9. Doctor Kirby

Is Kirby a licensed physician? Probably not, but that won't stop us from looking at Doctor Kirby and asking him to treat us, please. First seen in Kirby: Planet Robobot, this ability lets Kirby throw pills to charge and bounce at enemies and a Science Lab power, which lets him craft different drinks to restore health or attack enemies with. He's undoubtedly the healer class, and he's absolutely adorable in a labcoat.

10. Circus Kirby

Ah, the circus. Dancing elephants, yummy peanuts, and sideshows. Also, Kirby. Circus Kirby is a strange one. First seen in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, this power-up outfits Kirby with a circus tent-like hat, a red nose, and a mustache on top of his head with juggling pins. He can juggle said pins, jump through flaming hoops, and even balance on balls and trampolines. Ringling Bros. who?

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