The 22 Best Xbox Games for Teens

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We know it feels so good to take in the unbridled joy that comes from watching the teen in your life get the latest home video game console. Be it during the holidays, their birthday, or just a random day where you're feeling extremely generous, you're gonna feel like the best parent, friend, or assorted family member on Earth for pushing your teenage gamer into the world of Xbox. Whether they now own any model of the Xbox One or Xbox Series, there's a vast collection of great games to hop into on either console. And luckily for you, we've found 26 of the very best Xbox games for teens that can be enjoyed on both aforementioned consoles.

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Best Xbox Games for Teens

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1. ‘Halo Infinite’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter

The first game on this list of the best Xbox games for teens is all about the towering mascot that's carried Microsoft's gaming brand on his back since 2001. Halo Infinite offers the best of both worlds as Master Chief can embark on an epic campaign and get caught up in some explosive Spartan warfare across various multiplayer modes. Tackling the campaign and completing all sorts of action-packed tasks is even better with a second in command via network co-op play. Halo Infinite is one of those games that'll have anyone playing it invested for the long haul - with previous and ongoing updates that have added new maps, modes, skins, and the signature "Forge" map & game editor suite, this FPS is a super rewarding experience.

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2. ‘Killer Instinct’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Fighting

Killer Instinct got a new lease on life in 2013 with an exceptional reboot that is now feature-rich in its current state. And if the teen you're looking to get some fighting games for has an Xbox One or Xbox Series model, then this fighter is a top-tier selection. The action that's produced here is easy to learn, hard to master, and fun all around for players of every skill level. The game's roster is full of so many badass and whacky characters that have a ton of appeal, plus their arsenal of varied move lists makes them so much fun to play with. Pulling off an Ultra Combo for the very first time will put anyone that plays it into total bliss.

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3. ‘Grounded’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Survival

Grounded works extremely well as one of the best Xbox games for teens that want to delve into the world of survival experiences. The fun twist on that sub-genre that this game offers is a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids scenario where a bunch of children must band together to survive the dangers of their backyard. And since they've been transformed into super small versions of themselves, building a fort, fending off massive bugs, and building tools out of everyday items are just some of the ways those kids can thrive. This pick on our list works great for teens who want to enjoy some online co-op hijinks with their friends in a very unique manner.

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4. ‘Psychonauts 2’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Platformer

If the teen in your life has access to Xbox Game Pass, then push them to give the first Psychonauts a chance. If they come back to you with extreme thanks for putting them onto that trippy platformer, be sure to steer them toward the sequel next. Psychonauts 2 brings Razputin "Raz" Aquato back into the fold for an all-new adventure that's just as funny, clever, and boisterous as its predecessor. The level design stands out as one of the best parts of this game - it's so trippy being able to explore the inner psyche of different personalities and get to the root of their mental struggles. There's a lot to appreciate about this irreverent platformer.

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5. ‘Sea of Thieves’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Action-Adventure

Sea of Thieves has ballooned to the point where it's the ultimate pirate adventure for Xbox One and Xbox Series console owners. Going solo in this game is fine, but the co-op multiplayer adventure produces the most rewarding moments for would-be pirates and treasure hunters. Sailing the high seas with your fellow online crewmates in tow is endlessly entertaining, plus the wealth of missions to complete and assorted tasks to fulfill will keep you busy for years to come. Sea of Thieves' open world is full of swashbuckling voyages to embark on - make sure the teen you get this game for has some friends to call on for their epic pirate treks.

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6. ‘XCOM 2’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Strategy

Now if the teen you're picking up some Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games for is big on strategy RPG experiences, then point them in the direction of XCOM 2. This game presents players with the chance to save the denizens of Earth from a race of ruling aliens. And that means you'll have to command a resistance force full of hardened soldiers and take the fight to them. Building up your custom band of fighters leads to some high risk/reward since you can build them up so much, but be immensely heartbroken and without one of your best allies should they perish. XCOM 2 is certainly one of the best Xbox games for teens that deals in quality combat, addictive base exploration, and extensive character class customization.

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7. ‘Destiny 2’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter

Destiny 2 is full of so much content and is set to get even more in the near future. If the teen you're copping Xbox games for has a thing for first-person shooter and MMORPG experiences, then they'll get the best of both worlds in Bungie's feature-rich space shooter. There's a ton of fun to be had as you build up your "Guardian" and delve into missions that involve taking down extraterrestrial foes on several neighboring planets. Linking up with other Guardians for super tough raids and engaging in thrilling multiplayer skirmishes will certainly keep incoming players busy. Destiny 2 and its many expansions/updates will throw first-timers into a vortex full of worthwhile content.

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8. ‘Riders Republic’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Sports

Teens that are addicted to watching and participating in extreme sports will enjoy everything about Ubisoft's Riders Republic. The fun factor is extremely high here as players can have a go at mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and wingsuit flying. Hopping online in this game means players will find themselves racing furiously during 64-player Mass Races that must be seen to be believed. And when it comes time to pull off the sickest tricks in your repertoire, players can have the time of their lives by hopping into 6v6 Tricks Battle Arena competitions. Riders Republic is extreme sports gaming bliss.

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9. ‘Blood Bowl 2’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Sports, Turn-Based Strategy

Blood Bowl 2 is such a weird yet intriguing mix of two genres we never thought could actually be a thing. This sequel masters the football and strategic turn-based gameplay of its predecessor, so it's worth starting off with this one for any curious teen that likes big orcs and hard-hitting football action. New players will be more than busy when it comes to building up their teams, dealing with game-changing events in the main campaign, customizing arenas, etc. For teens that'd like to enjoy their favorite board games in video game form, this amazing rendition of Games Workshop's IP should be in their grasp.

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10. ‘Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Action-Adventure

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy takes the ragtag team your teen probably recognizes most from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and throws them into a better-than-expected galactic adventure. This third-person action-adventure gives players the opportunity to lead Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer as the charismatic captain Peter Quill aka "Star-Lord." This game delivers an equally emotional and hilarious space trek that breaks down the full intricacies of each Guardian. And once it's time to take down some alien menaces, you'll get to step into the leader position once again as you shoot off your laser pistols while commanding your crew members to pull off some flashy attacks of their own. Young MCU fans will adore this one, which is why we put it here on this list of the best Xbox games for teens.

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11. ‘Overwatch 2’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter

The hero shooter sub-genre truly hit a high point when the first Overwatch took over the competitive multiplayer scene. Now a new and improved version of Blizard Entertainment's charismatic first-person shooter has arrived with new Heroes, new maps, and new modes to become addicted to. Overwatch 2 is free-to-play, so the teens you know that are enamored with team-based shooters can hop into this one without having to spend a single dime. 5v5 PvP gameplay erupts here across signature modes such as Push and Control, plus genre staples such as Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch.

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12. ‘Injustice 2’

Teens that prefer Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman over their Marvel Comics counterparts can indulge in this dream DC Comics fighting game. Injustice 2 is much preferable by comic book and Mortal Kombat fanatics thanks to its roster full of DC and even non-DC characters going blow for blow during destructive encounters. This game got its spot here on this collection of the best Xbox games for teens thanks to its wide array of character customization options and astounding superpowered battles that feature the all-powerful Darkseid, Dark Horse Comics' Hellboy, and even all four members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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13. ‘Tekken 7’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Fighting

Another highly rated fighting game that future FGC members need to hop into is this 3D gem. Tekken's seventh mainline entry is its biggest and best to date - the game's overall package is packed to the brim with awesome characters, a full-fledged story mode, swaggy character customization options, and the silly yet delightful Ultimate Tekken Bowl mode. Learning how to properly maneuver around the game's open 3D spaces and becoming a pro at landing air combos is just the start of how to get good at Tekken 7 - eventually, a well-trained teenage Kyu-ranked player will become a Tekken God Prime who just knows when to activate a Rage Art and Power Crush.

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14. ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Fighting

Now say the teen you're getting Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S games for is an avid follower of the Super Saiyan adventures Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan embark on. If that happens to be the case, go ahead and do them a favor by getting them the greatest Dragon Ball fighting game of all time. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a Marvel vs. Capcom-inspired team fighter that lets players build teams of three fighters for some ferocious battles. The massive energy beam attacks and sick air combos that erupt during this game's classes look, sound, and feel astonishing. This anime fighter is definitely one of the very best.

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15. ‘Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Skateboarding

Tony Hawk is the undisputed GOAT when it comes to the sport of skateboarding. And if the teen you're buying looking to buy games for is infatuated with that extreme sport, then make sure you gift them with this remastered compilation of the first two Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games. What's on offer here is an awesome time capsule into the late 90s and early 00s that features the type of music, famous shredders, and wild skate parks the Tony Hawk games are known for. Pulling off sick trick combos and completing all sorts of outlandish objectives all the while will definitely make it hard to pull your teen away from this classic skateboarding simulator.

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16. ‘Monster Hunter: World’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Action Role-Playing Game

Aligning oneself with three fellow monster hunters that are equipped with massive weapons that seem implausible to wield in real life is so damn fun. That's the main premise of this next pick on this lineup of the best Xbox games for teens, especially those who enjoy online co-op. Monster Hunter: World is the most streamlined version of the series to date, which makes it more approachable for curious onlookers. Players will explore vast biomes and go on epic treks in search of enormous beasts that will definitely give them the fight of their lives. The base game and the Iceborne expansion offer a ton of weapons/armor to build, threatening creatures to take on, and so much fun to be had.

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17. ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Beat 'Em Up

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might be a super retro IP, but it still grabs the attention of today's young generation. And on the game front, this retro brawler is a must-play. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge is a natural evolution of the classic formula put forward by Turtles in Time as it focuses on fast-paced action and the most rewarding form of local/online co-op gameplay. Alongside the four famous turtles, the playable roster also showcases Master Splinter, April O'Neil, and even Casey Jones. The game's multitude of Easter Eggs and cameos from the original cartoon present it as a love letter to 80s & 90s babies that grew up with the "turtles in a half-shell." Get a bunch of 80s babies and teens together for some couch co-op on this one!

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18. ‘Soulcalibur VI’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Fighting

Now when it comes to this cherished 3D fighter, the warriors don't throw hands here - they clash with their legendary weapon of choice. Soulcalibur VI retains the fast-paced duels of past series entries while adding new mechanics that make each battle a joy to play and watch. Reversal Edge gets players out of a bad situation and activates a cool rock-paper-scissors situation that plays out in slow motion, while Soul Charge enhances each character to its max potential. Locking into bladed skirmishes with the likes of The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia, Nier: Automata's 2B, and Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru never gets old.

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19. ‘Fortnite’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Battle Royale, Third-Person Shooter

Any respectable list of the best Xbox games for teens will surely have to mention Epic Game's blockbuster battle royale staple. Fortnite has grown into the most recognizable game in the world thanks to major updates that have improved upon its clever battle royale mechanics, introduced skins tied to characters from all forms of media, and put on universe-wide events that bring players together for monumental occurrences. In its current state, Fortnite offers its traditional building mode and one without it that focuses on running & gunning. All the teens in the world are busy trying to earn new skins in this one. And one of those teens most likely includes the one you know.

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20. ‘Apex Legends’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Battle Royale, First-Person Shooter

So which game has the scene on lock when we speak of first-person, battle royale shooters? It's clearly Apex Legends, the team-based competitive multiplayer experience that pits teams of three "Legends" against each other and has them do battle on a massive playspace that continues to expand over time. Each Legend comes with its own special abilities that can be used in conjunction with all the different firearms that players can dominate each enemy encounter with. Apex Legends is free-to-play, offers constant content updates, steadily improves its gameplay mechanics, and features welcome character balance adjustments to remain at its best.

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21. ‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Fighting

Now if the teen you're looking to gift quality Xbox games with is a huge manga/anime fanatic, he or she probably most likely has an affinity for Naruto. The Ultimate Ninja Storm games have produced the best interpretation of the ninjitsu-powered clashes the anime have been popularized by. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto is the final chapter in the anime fighting game franchise and it goes out with a bang. Teenage Naruto fans will have all the fun in the world as they play out the final saga of the show and the entirety of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. You might wanna hop in for some multiplayer battles with them too and give the game's huge roster a go. Prepare to have your mind blown by all those Ultimate Jutsu moves and Awakenings!

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22. ‘The Sims 4’

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Genre: Social Simulation

The Sims has been revered among the young and old crowd that adores them some life simulation games. The fourth main installment in the series offers the most diverse and enriching entry to date, which will definitely keep your teen busy for hours on end when you get it for them. The Sims 4's base content is strong enough as is - creating your own "Sims," tending to their many needs, completing all sorts of jobs to earn Simoleons, etc. are among the biggest pieces of content this game offers. But the constant updates that have arrived along the way, which include constructing one's own cottage, owning a few cats/dogs, and even attending high school, give players a whole lot more to stay busy with.

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