Elton's 'Capcom Fighting Collection' 2 Wishlist

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ALL HAIL THE CAPCOM GODS! To see my favorite gaming publisher/developer rise out of the doldrums of the "Crapcom" days and reemerge as one of the premier gaming giants in the industry has been remarkable. Smash hits, such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Monster Hunter: World, and Devil May Cry 5, have reassured major Capcom fans that it still has what it takes to create high-quality games. And on the fighting game front, the initial reveal for Street Fighter 6 and the release of the Capcom Fighting Collection has breathed new life into the company's most reliable genre. Speaking of that collection, I love the fact that I can now play 10 classic 2D fighting games online with amazing rollback netcode supporting them all. Even still, there are still a bunch of old-school Capcom fighters that I'd love to see get the very same treatment. Which is why I've put together this list for my own personal Capcom Fighting Collection 2 wishlist.

'Capcom Fighting Collection' 2 Wishlist

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1. 'Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold'

2. 'Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX'

3. 'Rival Schools: United By Fate'

4. 'Project Justice'

5. 'Star Gladiator'

6. 'Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein'

7. 'Power Stone'

8. 'Power Stone 2'

9. 'Tech Romancer'

10. 'Final Fight Revenge'

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