Everything You Need to Know About 'CrossfireX'

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Halo isn't the only first-person shooter that calls Xbox its home console platform. A military shooter that got its initial boom in popularity within Korea is also set to sit side by side with the series propped up by Master Chief.

That upcoming FPS is known as CrossfireX, which is the console version of the original Crossfire that launched all the way back in 2007. The tactical shooter has amassed quite the fan following across various international regions and is now hoping to gain a foothold in the United States.

CrossfireX is getting a ton of attention from two talented development studios - Smilegate Entertainment is lending its talents to the free-to-play online multiplayer portion, while Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Control) has been called on to produce the game's single-player campaign.

CrossfireX is set to launch in a major way on February 10 as the first part of its single-player portion (Operation Catalyst) comes to Xbox Game Pass, while the multiplayer component will be free of charge to anyone that downloads it. And before you spend some time with the game, allow us to take you for a deep dive into everything it has to offer.

Single Player Campaign

Free-to-Play Online Multiplayer

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