What Should a Potential 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Season 4 Look Like?

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Me and everyone else that followed the seasonal DLC character drops for Dragon Ball FighterZ figured it had finally reached the end of the road.

Because as soon as Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta was revealed as the final Season 3 roster addition, my thought process was "that's a hell of a way to close the book on this game!" But as it turns out, I was sorely mistaken. As the year came to an end, everyone was shocked to see the announcement of yet another DLC character coming to Arc System Works' Dragon Ball gem. Android 21 (Lab Coat) is set to enter the game next and will most likely introduce the game's still thriving fanbase to a different variation of the sinister lady scientist.

With her upcoming inclusion, three questions have to be asked - is Dragon Ball FighterZ ready to add even more highly requested characters soon? And could we be on the verge of a fourth season of DLC? And if so, which heroes and villains from the manga/anime are tailor-made for Dragon Ball FighterZ? Since the last season (Season 3) maxed out at five characters, I figured I'd throw in four dream picks that would fit in right alongside Android 21 (Lab Coat) for this prospective season.

Here's who I could totally see making it into Dragon Ball FighterZ's Season Four if it ends up becoming a reality.

1. Omega Shenron

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Doesn't it feel so wrong to have Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in FighterZ, but not his most furious foe? Say what you want about the overall quality of Dragon Ball GT, but I think we can all agree that the anime's final story arc that put Omega Shenron front and center was pretty cool. And as a big-time villain, he's one of the more unique ones since his arsenal of moves is so varied.

As the seventh and final member of the sinister Shadow Dragons, Omega Shenron comes equipped with all the elemental abilities tied to the other members of his stable. With moves such as Dragon Thunder, Whirlwind Spin, and Ice Ray at the ready, he has all the makings of a very interesting DLC character that would play well in FighterZ. Setting up his Negative Karma Ball as the ultimate finishing move sounds pretty legit to me, too. If Omega Shenron does end up getting added to FighterZ, I sincerely hope he gets a Dramatic Finish opposite Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

2. Toppo (God of Destruction)

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The proud leader of the heroic Pride Troopers definitely caught my attention during the Universe Survival Saga. Watching him hold his own against (and in some cases, overpower!) members of the other Universe team setups made me a fan. Once Toppo let loose and powered up into his "God of Destruction" form, he truly became a force to be reckoned with.

And after watching that form do work and have Toppo's foes so shook, that's the variation I'd be most interested in seeing get added to FighterZ. Toppo could do major ranged damage via his Justice Blast, use an Energy Shield to defend himself from harm, and rely on some meaty melee attacks to extend his combos (which include Destructive Fracture, Arm Crash, and Power Rush). Plus I can definitely envision a one-hit-kill super move from Toppo in the form of a concentrated Hakai energy blast.

3. Dabura

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I know a few Dragon Ball fans have been lamenting the exclusion of Super Buu from FighterZ. And I totally understand that sentiment - it's a bit strange to see Fat Buu and Kid Buu in the game, but not the best version of the pink evildoer (in my humble opinion). Although I wouldn't be mad if Super Buu did indeed make it into FighterZ, I'd much rather prefer the much more unique Dabura make his way onto the game's roster.

The unrelentingly evil king of the Demon Realm has a cool ability that allows him to simply spit on someone to turn them into stone, which I think would play well into a gimmick of some kind of FighterZ. His sword could also come into play and activate badass abilities such as his Darkness Sword Attack. The rest of his moveset could rely on maneuvers such as Evil Impulse, Evil Flame, and Cape Swing. Dabura is my preferred DLC roster add-on from the Buu Saga.

4. Hercule

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C'mon, Arc System Works! It's about damn time that you guys throw in the true hero of Dragon Ball Z. Earth's greatest protector and the man that sports the best-looking afro in anime is none other than Hercule. And as someone that loves his joke characters in fighting games (I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU, DAN!), I'm very open to the idea of adding him into FighterZ. I laughed every time I got to watch him go airborne thanks this his trusty jetpack in the Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi games.

And I damn sure wanna see him do the exact same thing when he tries to pull off air combos in FighterZ. The rest of his movelist could rely on his Dynamic Mess Em Up Punch, Dynamite Kick, and Hercule Ultra Dynamite attacks, of course. I'd also get a kick out of him being able to use his Present for You ability and troll the hell out of everyone that has the misfortune of running into my top-tier Hercule online.

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