'Dragon's Dogma 2' Release Date: Story, Gameplay, and More

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Ask any Capcom Stan or a massive fan of medieval fantasy media what one of the most slept-on action RPGs of all time is Dragon's Dogma. Released in 2012, gamers got exposed to that brand new IP from the illustrious Japanese publisher/developer and found themselves enamored with the game's impactful combat, massive open world full of rewarding secrets to uncover, and unique AI teammates system that calls upon the assistance of "Pawns." After the 2013 release of the enhanced version called Dark Arisen and a 2020 animated Netflix adaptation, news about the future of the series became slim to none. The biggest surprise of all came in 2022 when the first game's director Hideaki Itsuno announced a sequel was finally in the works! Now that we're nearing the Dragon's Dogma 2 release date, allow us to give you a general overview of the much-anticipated game's story, gameplay, and more.

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'Dragon's Dogma 2' Release Date

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The Dragon's Dogma 2 release date falls on March 22, 2024 - the game will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. You can pick up either the Standard or Deluxe Edition of the game. Pre-ordering the Standard Edition will get you access to the "Superior Weapons Quartet" pack that comes with a powerful sword, daggers, magic wand, and bow. The Deluxe Edition pre-order only comes with that aforementioned weapons pack, but it also gifts you with the "Explorer's Camping Kit," 1500 "Rift Crystals" (which can be used to purchase Pawns and special weapons), and the "Dragon's Dogma Music & Sound Collection" that lets you switch the game's BGM to that of the first game. On top of all that, Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus recipients also earn the following in-game items:

  • "Wakestone" - can bring the dead back to life
  • "Harpysnare Smoke Beacons" - emits an enticing smell that attracts harpies
  • "Art of Metamorphosis" - lets you customize the appearance of your "Arisen" or Pawns
  • "Ambivalent Rift Inscence" - can change your Pawn's inclination
  • "Makeshift Gaol Key" - a special key to the gaol
  • "Heartfelt Pendant" - an item that can be offered as a gift



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Vocations are the combat classes that can be attached to your Arisen and Pawns. Those classes are split up between basic, advanced, and hybrid. The Arisen is the only character capable of changing their Vocation and accessing any of the hybrid vocations. The basic starting Vocations you can choose from when you initially customize your Pawn include "Fighter," "Mage," "Thief," and "Archer." As your Arisen and Pawns become more powerful, they'll be able to tap into the powers of one of two advanced Vocations: "Warrior" and "Sorcerer." The three hybrid Vocations only your Arisen can choose from are the "Mystic Spearhand" (which specializes in melee and magick abilities), the "Magick Archer" (a combat class that emphasizes long-range combat strengthened by magick), and the "Trickster" (this Vocation lets your Arisen utilize a unique weapon called the "Censer" that concocts illusions drawn from the smoke that weapon conjures up).


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