5 Beat 'Em Up Games That Are Due for a Comeback

final fight mobile

Doesn’t it always feel good to be right in the middle of a genre renaissance in the world of gaming?

Every few years or so, a once fledgling game type becomes hot all over again thanks to a singular title that masters the basics and evolves in satisfying waves. Fighting games were definitely in the dark ages for a while until Capcom helped the genre thrive once again thanks to Street Fighter IV, for instance. And a large number of indie developers have revived old-school gameplay mechanics for platformers, shoot ‘em ups, and a wealth of other genres in their respective releases. In this day and age, beat ‘em ups are on the rise and it looks like the simple act of beating up thugs on a side-scrolling plane is back in style.

1. ‘Final Fight’

2. ‘X-Men’

3. ‘Alien vs. Predator’

4. ‘Golden Axe’

5. ‘Guardian Heroes’

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