DXRacer Craft Series Gaming Chair Review

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DXRacer has attainted a ton of positive feedback due to its long line of high-quality gaming chairs. What's on offer from them is a varied lineup that falls under different series that offer their own signature attributes (what's on offer are the Gladiator Series, Legacy Series, King Series, and Tank Series). An additional gaming chair series has been added to DXRacer's growing assembly - the Craft Series. And after spending a week with it, I came away with a very high impression of this new piece of essential game room furniture. Now let's get to my DXRacer Craft Series review.

So the actual hands-on construction of the DXRacer Craft Series gaming chair is a breeze. As soon as you crack open the box your newest piece of game room equipment is encased within, you'll be gifted with a huge poster that features a step-by-step quick installation guide. For someone who's the farthest thing from Home Improvement's Tim Taylor, I had an easier than expected time putting everything together to match what I saw on that same slab of paper. Once it's fully put together, the chair itself looks supremely crisp and has an expectedly weighty feel to it that reflects its high asking price (you're going to have to pony up $479 if you want one of these chairs for yourself).

The DXRacer Craft Series gaming chair model I obtained was the "Lucky Always" special edition, which offers a black and gold color scheme that's outfitted with logographic Chinese characters and beautifully illustrated koi fish. The front and back ends of the chair look so crisp and add an extra sense of character to it that I'm a huge fan of. Besides that model, there are three other variations contained within the DXRcaer Craft Series - "Give Me More Space" (gray and yellow), "Hello Human Cat" (pink and white), and "America Edition" (red, white, and blue). From a visual standpoint, each chair looks great and lends itself well to owners who want it to match their game room setup if need be.


From a mechanical standpoint, the DXRacer Craft Series gaming chair easily impresses. At the very top of the chair sits a cooling gel foam pillow that provides maximum comfort for one's neck. Sitting in place for a three-hour-long session of DOOM Eternal remained cozy even in its closing moments thanks to that pleasant pillow. While there's no back pillow set up near the bottom half of this gaming chair, there's no need to worry since that portion is outfitted with integrated lumbar support. There's plenty of spinal support put in place for this chair, so your back won't be disturbed at any point while you're gaming for an extended time. It's worth noting that this gaming chair can support up to 250lbs, tilt backward up to 135°, and features Safety Class 4 hydraulic gas lift & extra sturdy aluminum casters. All of those attributes help this chair by letting you adjust it as much as possible to your liking and moving it across various surfaces with ease.


While this gaming chair fetches a high asking price, just know that you're coming out of pocket to pay for the utmost top quality when it comes to this new DXRacer series. What's being presented here is one of the best gaming chairs money can buy thanks to a sleek design, a cool theme for each special edition, and several likable elements that max out its comfortability factor. Here's hoping my DXRacer Craft Series review pushes you to add this new gaming chair model to your collection.

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