Everything You Need To Know about BLVKHVND

The gaming collective has big plans


BLVKHVND is a new approach to gaming. If you pay attention to the esports landscape, then you may be wondering who and what BLVKHVND is. Here is everything we know so far about the talented team that plans on taking gaming and esports to the next level. Centered around building a Decentralized Gaming Community, the company started during the pandemic in 2020 originally consisting of three members: Blvk0ut, Rolvel, and ATM, and together, the trio worked to build BLVKHVND as a way to pass time and compete as an esports team. 

The crew added on a fourth member, SIRSU, and began building the first iteration of BLVKHVND. According to the team, that first iteration was critical to them learning about the culture of streaming, building support around individual playstyles, and the importance of creating a unique branding. 

You can find more information about BLVKHVND’s crowdfund here, and you can also learn additional information about the members on their website.

As they say, "The Future of BLVKHVND is now."

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