EVO 2022 Preview

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Evolution Championship Series

So What is EVO All About?

When and Where is EVO 2022 Taking Place?

What Games are Being Played at EVO 2022?

How Can I Watch EVO 2022 and What's the Streaming Schedule?

Who's Going to be Commentating at EVO 2022?

What Reveals Can We Expect to See at EVO 2022?

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

Like past EVO events, fans are expecting major reveals for the fighting game genre as a whole at this year's extravaganza. In an exciting move, a special "PlayStation Tournaments: EVO Lounge" live stream will put forth a bunch of exciting reveals over the course of two days (August 5-6). The publishers/developers that will be a part of this live stream include Arc System Works, Bandai Namco, Capcom, SNK, and Warner Bros. Games. You can check out all those reveals via Twitch and YouTube.

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