15 Games Like 'Detroit: Become Human'

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Video games have come a long way is a statement, the veracity of which, depends entirely on the age of the person reading it. For those old enough to remember Pong, the statement is immediately apparent and less so for those who cut their gaming teeth with the Nintendo 3DS. 

At the risk of dating myself, my first foray into video games was via  the Super Nintendo, a system that allowed developers to do more with their games. 

This led to the start of a decades long argument that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.. Can games serve as viable storytelling mediums?

David Cage seems to think so. The man behind several story-driven games, Cage is seen as a pioneer of games that sacrifice gameplay for the narrative. His most recent title, Detroit Become Human, is a science fiction adventure with themes that delves into redemption and what it means to be free, among other things. Cage’s games are among the best proof that games now have the potential to tell compelling stories, and so are the games on this list.

15. 'Indigo Prophecy'

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14. Call of Cthulhu

buy now, $29.99

13. Beyond: Two Souls

buy now, $19.99

12. Man of Medan

buy now, $29.99

11. Until Dawn

buy now, $9.99

10. Heavy Rain

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9. Life is Strange

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8. L.A. Noire

buy now, $19.99

7. The Walking Dead

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8. Kentucky Route Zero

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7. Disco Elysium

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6. The Wolf Among Us

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5. Broken Age

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4. Botanicula

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3. Little Hope

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2. The Inpatient

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1. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

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