15 Games Like 'Path of Exile' to Play Now

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One’s addictive nature tends to become super active once one gets caught up in a quality action RPG. It’s easy to knock out an extended gameplay session when you find yourself hacking & slashing at an assortment of beasties, discovering amazing loot, and powering up your onscreen avatar to unseen levels of power. 

There’s a certain subset of action RPGs out there that embrace an overhead camera perspective. One of the titles that fully embraces that entertaining concept is Path of Exile. Both the first and second installments in the series have garnered a wide swath of fans and critical acclaim thanks to its well-tuned action RPG mechanics and masterfully crafted dark fantasy world.

If you’ve played both games and are on the lookout for similarly worthwhile experiences, then these 15 games will definitely match your high expectations.

1. ‘Diablo’ (series)

Buy Now, $29.02

2. ‘Torchlight’ (series)

Buy Here for $39.99 on PC

3. ‘Titan Quest Anniversary Edition’

Buy Here for $19.99 on PC

4. ‘Divine Divinity’ (series)

Buy Now, $19.99

5. ‘Dungeon Siege’ (series)

Buy Now, $13.98

6. ‘Heretic Kingdoms’ (series)

Buy Here for $11.99 on PC

7. ‘Last Epoch’

Buy Here for $34.99 on PC

8. ‘Grim Dawn’

Buy Here for $29.99 on PC

9. ‘Hades’

Buy Now for $34.99

10. ‘Victor Vran Overkill Edition’

Buy Now for $6.99

11. ‘Warhammer: Chaosbane - Slayer Edition’

Buy Now for $49.40

12. ‘Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’

Buy Here for $39.99 on PC

13. ‘The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut’

Buy Here for $44.99 on PC

14. ‘Emberheart’

Buy Here for $14.99 on PC

15. ‘Nox’

Buy Here for $5.99 on PC
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