For All The 'Player Unknown Battlegrounds' Fans, Here Are 13 Games Like 'PUBG'

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Although past its prime, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, remains the standard-bearer for the battle royale genre. For a time, it seemed that battle royale games were the primary bread-and-butter of the gaming industry with companies wanting to cash in on the popularity these games seemed to inspire. While some were successful so many others were not. This list represents those games that either did or should have become huge successes, largely because of their similarities to PUBG.

13. 'SOS'

12. 'H1Z1'

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11. 'Fortnite'

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10. 'Call of Duty: Warzone'

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9. 'Ring of Elysium'

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8. 'Realm Royale'

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7. 'Spellbreak'

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6. 'Darwin Project'

5. 'The Culling'

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4. 'Islands of Nyne Battle Royale'

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3. 'Totally Accurate Battlegrounds'

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2. 'Apex Legends'

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1. 'Hunt Showdown'

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