9 Games Like 'Rimworld' to Play Right Now

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What are the ingredients for cult popularity? Does one need a dash of popularity or a pinch of obscurity? Is it a cup of pre-release hype or a teaspoon of so-bad-it’s-good appeal?

Game developers, particularly those of the indy variety have tried answering these questions, to varying degrees of success. Games like Shovel Knight, with its nostalgic 8-bit aesthetic, seem tailor-made for cult status. Then there are games that became cult classics without ever trying.

Rimworld belongs to the latter category.

A 2013 early access release, Rimworld can be any number of things, depending on what version you’re playing. The original is a space colony builder while one of its many expansions is best described as a spaceship management game.

All versions of the game treat players with a story as steeped in science fiction elements as it is moments of random, if not violent, brevity. The game isn’t just a grim depiction of science fiction survival, it has its fair share of humor. A number of games take cues from Rimworld, while Rimworld borrows from many more. Rimworld fans can rejoice knowing there is no shortage of games like the cult hit.

9. 'Frostpunk'

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8. 'Anno 2070'

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7. 'Oxygen Not Included'

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6. 'Dwarf Fortress'


5. 'Civitatem'

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4. 'Homeworld'

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3. 'Anno 2205'

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2. 'Project Aura'

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1. 'Planetbase'

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