The 28 Best Games Like 'Stardew Valley' for Calm, Peaceful Farming

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When Stardew Valley was released in 2016, it revived an entire genre of relaxing and good vibes that gamers have been missing out on since the original Harvest Moon titles. While you can play through Concerned Ape’s epic as many times as you want, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and dive into something else. But what happens if you want those same good vibes that Stardew brings to the table?

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 28 games like Stardew Valley. Below you’ll find an assortment of titles that share gameplay, graphics, and even the same vibes that you’ll find in Concerned Ape’s beloved farming sim. Not every game is a 1 to 1 Stardew-like game, but we promise that each one will leave you wanting more every time you go to log off for the night.

1. 'Graveyard Keeper'

It might sound weird to see a game like Graveyard Keeper on a list of games like Stardew Valley, but there’s a reason for its inclusion here. While taking care of a cemetery is a lot different than taking care of a farm, the gameplay and visuals here are very reminiscent of what you’ll find in Stardew Valley. It’s also just an extremely enjoyable and relaxing game, so you should give it a try.

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2. 'My Time at Portia'

Breaking away from the old-school graphics that make Stardew Valley standout, My Time at Portia takes a swing at the farming simulation formula with beautiful and engaging 3D gameplay. In My Time at Portia, you play a character who has taken over a neglected workshop once owned by your family. It’s your job to build it back up, all while meeting and talking with other folks in town.

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3. 'Doraemon: Story of Seasons'

This next game on our list combines the delightful gameplay of the Story of Seasons series with the fantastical world of Doraemon. In it, players take on the role of a farmer named Noby in Natura. You’ll need to work with Doraemon, the robotic cat, and all the other friends you make along the way to raise animals, grow crops, and explore the beautiful world around you. Other mechanics in Doraemon: Story of Seasons include mounts, pets, and the option to head down to the nearest stream and fish all day.

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4. 'Slime Rancher'

Slime Rancher isn’t really all that similar to Stardew Valley when you look at graphics and gameplay alone. However, the overall relaxing nature of the game, and the fact that you’ll need to build up your farm of slimes throughout, help earn its place on this list. If you want a great 3D game that lets you collect slimes like Pokémon, as well as breed them together to create special slimes, then Slime Rancher has more than enough to keep you exploring for hours and hours.

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5. 'Moonlighter'

The next game on our list diverges from the usual farming mechanics seen in Stardew Valley with more of a focus on the exploration of dungeons and fighting monsters. In Moonlighter, you’ll take control of a local shop owner named Will who dreams of becoming a great adventurer. During the day players will tend to their shop, sell supplies and treasures, and deal with Will’s everyday routines. But, once the sun goes down, players can venture into the depths of the nearby Gates that lead to new realms waiting to be explored and brimming with treasures to collect and sell the next day.

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6. 'World's Dawn'

Released in 2015, World’s Dawn is one of the most Stardew Valley-like games you’ll find on any list of this kind. From the artwork, to the social sim activities, and even down to the farming, everything about World’s Dawn feels perfect for players looking to get that Stardew Valley fix. The writing here is also outstanding, and World’s Dawn feels like a solid evolution of the original Harvest Moon formula that inspired Stardew Valley.

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7. 'Len's Island'

What if Stardew Valley was isometric and had more in-depth building systems? We can’t help but wonder if that’s what developer Flow Studio asked themselves when settling down to create Len’s Island. This open-world farming game is still in early access, but it’s already teeming with crops to grow, lands to explore, and really in-depth building system reminiscent of survival crafting games like Rust. If you’re really craving that Stardew Valley fix, but want something a little deeper, Len’s Island is a great option worth checking out.

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8. 'Hokko Life'

Imagine a crossover between Harvest Moon and Nintendo’s beloved Animal Crossing series, and well, you’ve got yourself Hokko Life. Developed by Wonderscope, this 3D farming sim is currently under development by a one-person studio. But don’t let that scare you away. The world of Hokko Life is already filled with things to do, including an old workshop you’ll need to restore to its former glory. You’ll also find plenty of friends along for the ride in this delightful indie adventure.

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9. 'Kynseed'

Most games like Stardew Valley throw you on a farm and ask you to build it back up. But, what if you could choose what kind of business you wanted to run? Kynseed is another great game like Stardew Valley that blends the traditional farming sim mechanics with even deeper exploration and business mechanics. Farm your land, run a business as a blacksmith, tavern, apothecary, or goods store, and build your own family. This world is teeming with tons of things for you to do!

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10. 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t really a farming sim, but it is a relaxing and great experience that’s easy to get lost in. It’s a bit more freeform than Stardew Valley, in that there isn't a set story. But, there are tons of things for you to do, like create a daily routine and stick to it. You can hunt for bugs, catch fish, and even harvest different plants like pumpkins and fruit from fruit trees. Yeah, it doesn’t have the depth of the relationships and characters that other games like Stardew offer, but if you’re looking for a relaxing game to add to your daily commute, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a perfect option for anybody.

11. 'Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town'

Story of Seasons might have more cartoonish graphics than Stardew Valley, but it still hits all the same notes you’d expect from Stardew’s gameplay. Meet new people, farm your crops, and raise your animals as you tend to your farm in Mineral Town. The town is full of delightful people, and tons of activities to take part in. If you love Stardew Valley, but also want a taste of what Harvest Moon would look like today, then Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a wonderful taste of what the Harvest Moon series has been lacking in recent years.

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12. 'Garden Story'

In Garden Story, players take on the role of Concord the grape. As a Guardian, it’s Concord’s job to restore the island that you call home. It’s a delightful journey, and while it does take a few deviations from the basic Stardew Valley formula, Garden Story brings a lot of the same good vibes and delightful gameplay that you’d expect to find in yet another playthrough of Chucklefish’s farming simulation.

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13. 'Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles'

Strip all the enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and then throw it in a blender with Stardew Valley and you’ll end up with something similar to Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles. Build up your farms and harvest crops from them across eight distinct environments, all while holding back the mysterious Murk by collecting Sprites. It’s a bit more hands-on than Stardew Valley, but Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles delivers a delightful and fun adventure that you’ll have no problem sinking hours into.

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14. ' Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town'

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town launched in rough condition, but Marvelous has shored up the issues to make a great farming/life sim. Since Story of Seasons is made by the same studio that created the original Harvest Moon, there's no surprise that Stardew Valley and Pioneers of Olive Town share many similarities, and players that love one will most likely love the other.

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15. 'Rune Factory 5'

Some Stardew Valley fans love dungeon crawling, and Rune Factory 5 is a great game to scratch that itch. You'll get farming and slice of life gameplay aplenty. However, there's more emphasis here on exploring and combat than you'll find in most games in the genre.

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16. 'Alchemy Story'

Alchemy Story is adorable, laid back, and offers a simplified version of the farming gameplay you've come to love. However, the game seems to be abandoned by the dev, and a lot of content just comes to an abrupt halt as a result. Still worth looking at if you can't get enough farming/life sim action.

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17. 'Aquaculture Land'

This next entry is a little bit different than the rest of the farming games on our list. But, don’t let that turn you away from it. In Aquaculture Land, players will need to build up and then tend to a fish farm. Build your own distinct ponds using the game’s shovel tool, and then start raising fish to catch and sell to all of your customers. It might not have the same bevy of crops that Stardew Valley offers, but there’s still something relaxing and satisfying about raising and catching a bunch of fish.

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18. 'Farmtale'

Farmtale is a perfect game for people who love Stardew Valley but want something that’s a bit more hands-off. Technically classified as an idle clicker, Farmtale sees players building a massive farm and then tending to the various needs that come up with it. You can build up your farm, customize your stations, and even manage each one however you see fit. Best of all, because it’s technically an idle-clicker, you can leave it running in the background while you do other things.

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19. 'The Islander'

Grab your farming equipment and make a trek to the beautiful & sandy beaches of Polynesia. In this fast-paced building game, you’ll need to build up farming areas, harvest crops, and customize your farm to get it as efficient -- yet classy -- as possible. It isn’t quite as relaxing of a game to play as some of the others on this list, but if you’re looking for something that scratches the farming sim itch, but want to play at somewhat higher stakes, The Island is another great option to look into.

20. 'Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands'

Stranded on the Cursed Islands, players will need to step up and work with the crew of their ship to build a camp and start farming. In this open-world adventure game, players will find plenty of fishing, farming, crafting, and collecting to do. There’s also a somewhat linear story, which helps you get acquainted with the world and mechanics along the way. If you’re really looking to score that Stardew hit, but want to explore more Caribbean vistas, the Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands has more than enough to keep you busy, at least for a while.

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21. 'Big Farm Story'

Stardew Valley (and most of the games on this list) require players to memorize a slew of information to play successfully. If you have some younger members of the family that aren't quite to the point where they want to consult Excel tables to maximize their crop yield, there's Big Farm Story. The gameplay is simple here, but it's easier to grasp and makes for a good alternative to Stardew Valley for those looking for something simpler.

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22. 'Lemon Cake'

In Lemon Cake, players take over an old rundown bakery and will need to restore it to its previous glory. Along the way, you’ll make an assortment of new friends, as well as grow your own fruits and take care of various animals, too. If you want a light farming game that also blends in cooking and management mechanics, then Lemon Cake will keep you coming back for seconds every single time.

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23. 'No Place Like Home'

After trashing the planet, humanity started moving to Mars. In No Place Like Home, players will take on the role of the intrepid Ellen Newland, who decides to visit her grandfather on Earth before moving to Mars. She quickly discovers that her grandfather is missing and that his farm has been completely destroyed. So, she sets out to find her grandfather and rebuild the farm that he lost. What ensues is an adventure filled with vacuuming trash, recycling precious resources, and growing new crops.

24. 'Littlewood'

In Littlewood, players must help rebuild the world after a powerful wizard laid waste too much of it. The threat is gone, though, and all that’s left to do is collect goods, convince people to stay in your town, and explore the world of Solemn. This isn’t as much a farming game as it is just a relaxing play with old-school graphics reminiscent of the original Pokemon titles. But, if you’re looking for another indie gem that ticks a lot of the same vibes as Stardew Valley, Littlewood is a big win.

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25. 'Farm Together'

While many of the games on the list have multiplayer, Farm Together emphasizes this aspect of gameplay. Think of it more like Overcooked with farming. If you're interested in multiplayer crop collecting, taking care of animals, and general organization, then you'll love getting into this calming little adventure.

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26. 'Forager'

Some players just love the grind, and Forager has that in spades. Forager is the genre stripped down to its basics, which is excellent for those that want to just chill out and play without worrying about what day of the week it is or who needs what gifts.

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27. 'Plantera'

Plantera is one of the older games on our list, and the studio is already working on the second title in the series. But, that doesn’t change how enjoyable and delightful this idle-clicker is. Grow your own garden and watch as new bushes, plants, trees and animals thrive within it. Much like Farmtale, a lot of the gameplay here is done in the background. But, if you want a game that offers similar vibes and that feeling of satisfaction that comes with growing something new, then Plantera will help you scratch that itch over and over again.

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28. 'Sun Haven'

Take the farming of Stardew Valley and mix it with cohesive multiplayer and a fantastical world with elves, demons, and all kinds of other fantasy creatures, and you’ve got Sun Haven. This mystical farming sim is a great addition to any Stardew Valley fan’s library, and you’ll find a ton of stories and world to explore through. There are also some unique takeaways from the Stardew formula, like the removal of the daily energy bar. This one is still heavily a work-in-progress, though, so the story isn’t complete just yet.

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