20 Games Like 'Undertale'

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Indie video game developer Toby Fox ended up creating a modern-day classic when he introduced the world to Undertale. The game’s retro art style, quirky cast of characters, memorable fourth wall breaking moments, heart-tugging plot developments, and so much more helped it reach surprising levels of popularity amongst those who played it. 

The full sum of Undertale is made up of several interesting parts inspired by comparable games and even TV shows. There are RPG elements within it that rely on more active button inputs, bullet hell shooter mechanics, and a unique approach to humor that elicited laughs from everyone who experienced it. 

If you’re on the lookout for a slew of games that match some or even all of the features that make Undertale so incredible, then the 20 following titles are worth spending some time with.

1. 'DELTARUNE Chapter 1'

DOwnload, Free

2. 'EarthBound'

BUY NOW at Nintendo, $9.99

3. 'LISA: The Painful'

buy now at steam $9.99

4. 'Rakuen'

buy now at steam, $9.99

5. 'Spec-Ops: The Line'

BUY NOW at steam, $29.99

6. 'OneShot'

buy now at steam, $9.99

7. 'Grimm’s Hollow'

Download, Free

8. 'Heartbound'

buy now at steam, $9.99

9. 'NieR:Automata'

buy now at steam, $39.99

10. 'To the Moon'

buy now at steam, $9.99

11. 'Finding Paradise'

buy now at steam, $9.99

12. 'OFF'

Download, Free

13. 'Citizens of Earth'

buy now at, $14.99

14. 'Citizens of Space'

buy now at steam, $14.99

15. 'Yume Nikki'

Download, Free

16. 'Shin Megami Tensei IV'

buy now at nintendo, $19.99

17. 'Cave Story+'

buy now at steam, $14.99

18. 'Contact'

buy now at amazon, $26.30

19. 'Pony Island'

buy now at steam, $4.99

20. 'The Stanley Parable'

buy now at steam, $14.99
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