The 10 Best Gaming Advent Calendars

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Jingle bells, Batman smells, and all that! The holidays have arrived, which means you're definitely looking for creative ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. There's a wide variety of advent calenders out there to enjoy the current Christmas spirit with. And if you're not in the know, advent calendars are celebrity devices that are used to count down the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. We've found 10 of the very best gaming advent calendars that feature some of the most iconic characters in gaming, plus a few that actually feature some amusing activities that will bring everyone together for a good time.

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1. 'Super Mario'

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Ringing in some much-needed holiday cheer can be done in a variety of ways. If you're choosing to go the gaming advent calendars route, one of the best ways to do so is with Nintendo's mustachioed platforming plumber. This first selection on our list adds a bit of snowman flair to Mario's Mushroom Kingdom via special figurines devoted to the man himself, plus his brother Luigi and 22 other lovable characters. Each of those precious figurines and special accessories is hidden behind each numbered door, which is a daily activity that will keep your toddlers in the Christmas spirit.

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2. 'Sonic the Hedgehog'

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On the Sega side of things is this gaming advent calendar that gives the world-famous "Blue Blur" his own unique way of celebrating Santa's favorite holiday. The 24 windows enclosed within this awesome Sonic the Hedgehog-themed gift contain the most cheerful representations of the world's fastest hedgehog and friends, plus a nice slew of collectibles that harken back to the good old 16-bit era that defined Sega's fastest-rising star.

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3. 'Minecraft'

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The youngest kids in your life most likely have crafted some of the most awe-inspiring structures in Minecraft. If that's the case, you might as well supply them with some physical goodies from the pixelated, blocky universe of the game itself. This gaming advent calendar honors those joyful 24 days right up until Christmas Day with a cute collection of Minecraft figurines. You're probably gonna want to keep that Steve in an ugly Christmas sweater toy all to yourself.

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4. 'Roblox'

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Another game that seemingly has a magnetic pull on today's generation of young creatives is Roblox, which is the mega-popular game creation system that's full of custom-made adventures. This calendar sticks to that whole "create your own fun" theme by featuring six holiday-centered toys that can be outfitted any way you see fit. The additional accessories that come with this advent calendar and those two codes that unlock some cool gear in Roblox itself are two more reasons why you need to pick this one up.

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5. 'Pokémon'

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We're going to mention another Nintendo property here, folks! And this time, it's all about the wide and wonderful world of Pokémon. The "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" vibes are indeed strong here as you'll discover 24 toys that bring a bunch of precious Pocket Monsters into your home. The two Pikachu figurines and the cardboard Christmas tree that can hold up a few of your new Pokémon ornaments are definitely worth the fair price of admission.

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6. 'Among Us'

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This Among Us gaming advent calendar does so much to offer something more than your usual collection of 24 toys and theme accessories. The box everything is encased within actually transforms into a board game that lets players figure out who the imposter truly is on the airship game map. The toys that come as a part of this package deal are fun enough to play with and definitely cool enough to hang on the Christmas tree or place around the house for that Among Us-themed birthday party your kids surely want at some point.

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7. Eight Innovation Electronic Games

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As far as gaming advent calendars are concerned, this one offers plenty of fun beyond the holidays. Now behind each of the 24 windows connected to this product are electronic devices that can be used to build eight separate games that'll certainly keep the kids busy. This pick on our list is more for the tech-savvy type that likes to do all the busy work. With custom games like Whack A Mole, Ping Pong, and Code Breaker in the mix, you'll keep this doo dad around long after the holidays come to a close.

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8. Family Games by the The Purple Cow

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Now what's on offer here is a bunch of nostalgic games you've played as a child and still get plenty of enjoyment out of nowadays. Once you crack open the big box itself, you'll be treated to 24 smaller boxes that contain a new game for you and your family/friends to enjoy. Waking up every day to discover a new game, such as Yatzy, Tag in the Dark, and Truth or Dare (Spin the Bottle) is joyous thanks to this fun-filled gaming advent calendar.

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9. 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is recognized as one of the most ported games. It's been made available across three generations of consoles and will probably get another set of ports for the next PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo hardware. Suppose you're still playing Skyrim to this day. In that case, it might be worth adding this item to your growing collection dedicated to Bethesda's epic action RPG. 25 days worth of fabulous goodies are contained within this one - we're talking paper ornaments, recipe cards, and more.

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10. 'Yu-Gi-Oh!'


Now that we've reached the end of our collection of the finest gaming advent calendars, allow us to offer card dueling fans something they'll surely appreciate. This Yu-Gi-Oh! item will build your deck into something even more formidable as it comes with 14 Super Rare cards and 10 Ultra Rare cards. The fun factor of this one comes from the surprise that comes with unlocking a new card you've been waiting patiently for.

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