50 Best Gifts for Gamers This Holiday Season

Give the gamer in your life something extra special this year

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best gifts for gamers arcade1up cabinet mobile
Arcade1Up’s retro home gaming cabinets. / Digital illustration by Michael Saintil

The Christmas season has arrived. And just like every year, those unmistakable hints of holiday cheer came early in November—the Hess Toy Truck commercial, the throwback Hershey’s Kisses TV ad, and the inescapable music like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” For gamers, the past few years have been gifting them with greatness all year long with gaming gems like a proper Resident Evil 2 remake, the long-awaited release of Kingdom Hearts III, a strong lineup of Nintendo Switch exclusives, a quality single-player Star Wars game and so much more.

While it’s easy to wrap up and gift one of those titles to your favorite gamers, chances are they already have it in their library and have probably beaten it more times than they can count. If you’re in the market for the best gift for gamers, our recommendations will surely help you. Besides your usual gamut of new controllers, digital currency and online service subscription cards, and corny video game clothing, there are tons of video game-related items gamers would prefer unwrapping on Christmas Day.

Here are 50 of those potential gifts for you to consider.

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1. A Retro Arcade1Up Home Gaming Cabinet

screen shot 2020 11 25 at 10 09 02 am

Arcade1Up has made quite the splash in the mini gaming market with a line of home arcade cabinets. So far, Arcade1Up has covered a wide range of coin-op classics with its first array of cabinetsMortal Kombat, Golden Tee, Galaga, and Rampage make up just a small fraction of the retro machines Arcade1Up has produced. Arcade1Up has increased its production efforts by putting out five new cabinets that belong in every retro gamer’s living room. The Marvel Super Heroes cabinet comes with three classic Capcom brawlers, the TMNT cabinet includes two of Konami’s greatest beat ’em ups and the Star Wars cabinet is jam-packed with addictive arcade shooters based on the original three films. And if you’re looking to engage in some heated head-to-head game sessions in Pac-Man and Street Fighter II, then Arcade1Up’s gaming table setups for either title are definitely worth a look.

Buy Now, Price Varies

2. ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time’ Vinyl

gifts for gamers turtles in time vinyl

Now we already mentioned how one of Konami’s most revered beat ’em ups is a TMNT game. That game happens to be Turtles in Time, a beautifully animated four-player arcade classic that defined the ’90s. Smashing multicolored Foot Clan ninjas while traveling through trippy interpretations of various time periods made Turtles in Time an endearing arcade experience back in the day. One of the best qualities of this cartoony game is its amazing soundtrack. “Big Apple, 3 AM,” “Alleycat Blues” and “Neon Night-Riders” are playlist-worthy tunes that still pop off to this very day. A remastered version of Turtles in Time’s incredible soundtrack can now be found on vinyl and played within the comfort of your own home. The special packaging and neon green record elicits warm memories of the lovable “turtles in a half shell.” So go ahead and take the plunge by giving this audio throwback to a gamer you love. 

Buy Now, Price Varies

3. SNK Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro

gifts for gamers neo geo arcade stick pro

SNK already hit the mini gaming console market with miniature arcade cabinets full of noteworthy games. The Neo Geo Mini comes with its own gamepads, plus they’ve been released in numerous special editions worth checking out. Now SNK has released an even better nod to the past with the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro. It doubles as a PC arcade stick that you can use for fighting games and a mini console packed with classic SNK fighters. One of the cooler features tied to this arcade stick is its ability to be paired with the Neo Geo Mini and gamepads for even more pixelated fun. This hook-up-and-play mini console/arcade stick is one of the best bargain deals on the market for SNK fanatics.

Buy Now, $124.99

4. Sega Genesis Mini

gifts for gamers sega genesis mini

Sega couldn’t possibly let Nintendo get all the mini gaming console glory, right? Sega made sure to remind everyone just how legendary its ’90s run was with the release of the Sega Genesis Mini. Sega did a bang-up job in honoring its past and also included a few unexpected surprises with this mini-gaming machine. Forty games are playable in Sega’s mini box, plus two of them are extra rare 16-bit titles no one was expecting to see—the Genesis version of Tetris and Darius. Two controllers come packaged in with the Sega Genesis Mini, so you and a friend can enjoy the holidays together by saving the day in some co-op Altered Beast or Gunstar Heroes playthroughs.

Buy Now, $165

5. ‘The 100 Greatest Retro Videogames: The Inside Stories Behind the Best Games Ever’

gifts for gamers retro video games book
Retro Gamer

If you know a gaming history buff who loves a good coffee table book, this pickup will certainly put a smile on that person’s face. This fittingly titled book counts down 100 of the most iconic video games and throws in all sorts of extra info about each one. Developer interviews, behind-the-scenes tales, plenty of trivia, and other tidbits of important facts are included in this book alongside some amazing imagery. The 100 Greatest Retro Videogames: The Inside Stories Behind the Best Games Ever is the perfect book for longtime gamers and younger ones who need a history lesson about the hobby they love so much.

Buy Now, $27.19

6. Video Game of the Year: A Year-by-Year Guide to the Best, Boldest, and Most Bizarre Games from Every Year Since 1977

61jNynssEGL. SL1200

Since 1977, the meteoric rise of the interactive entertainment medium has resulted in the creation of the greatest games ever made. Author Jordan Minor presents an incredibly engaging read that reflects on the groundbreaking games that made gaming the global juggernaut it is to this very day. Video Game of the Year: A Year-by-Year Guide to the Best, Boldest, and Most Bizarre Games from Every Year Since 1977 is a fascinating history lesson that gamers of any age will enjoy as it details the yearly evolution of gaming and the major advancements that came with its continual ascension as an enjoyable pastime.

Buy Now, $24.49

7. BT Audio Sync Wireless Headphone Adapter for Nintendo Switch

gifts for gamers bt audio sync headphone adapter switch

At the moment, the Nintendo Switch only gives you the option to enjoy your gaming on the go with a wired headset. Thankfully, enjoying the portable console with your preferred choice in a wireless headset can be done if you own this awesome device. BT Audio Sync’s Wireless Headphone Adapter for the Switch comes in the form of a miniature USB C wireless Bluetooth adapter that lets you install and pair wireless headphones. While enjoying your Switch games, the pass-through charging port on the BT Audio Sync allows you to simultaneously charge your console. You can play countless hours of portable gaming with your Switch while your wireless headset stands ready to handle all of your audio needs.

Buy Now, Price Varies

8. Artovision Classic Video Game Desktop Art

gifts for gamers artovision desktop art

Artovision crafts the finest pieces of collectible artwork that can be placed on anyone’s wall or laid atop a desk. Artovision’s retro gaming art stands out as some of the company’s best work, and after scrolling through a few of them, it’s easy to see why. Artovision’s desktop art pieces recreate the best scenes from Street Fighter II, Contra III, Space Quest, Frogger, Cuphead, and a slew of other recognizable video games. Spice up your workstation with any or all of Artovision’s gorgeous gaming desktop art.

Buy Now, $39

9. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

gifts for gamers razer kraken gaming headset

Razer’s most known for giving esports competitors one of the better wired and wireless headset products. One of Razer’s best products is the Kraken headset, which offers compatibility with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Besides its slick light green color scheme, the Razer Kraken gaming headset offers maximum comfort thanks to its cooling-gel earmuff cushions. The 50 mm drivers are fine-tuned to provide the best soundscapes for every game you play, and its retractable microphone cancels out any background noise that could hamper your gaming experience. The Razer Kraken gaming headset is an affordable and quality pickup for all types of gamers.

Buy Now, $40

10. ‘Overwatch: The Official Cookbook’

gifts for gamers overwatch cookbook
Blizzard Entertainment

The diverse hero lineup and the massive world contained within Overwatch are the main inspirations behind this delicious cookbook. Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter steps away from all the multiplayer madness with this book and concocts a delectable collection of easy-to-make dishes. This fully colored cooking tome teaches gaming chefs how to make an Orisa ice cream sundae, a cup of Valkyrie’s Flight tea, a tray full of Canadian Butter Tarts and so many more mouth-watering recipes. Step into the Overwatch universe with the help of this helpful cookbook and wow all your most trusted co-op heroes.

Buy Now, $19.29

11. Arcade Light Switch

arcade light switch plate cover double switch 2 gang standard size rocker wall plate game room decorator kid bedroom wallplate faceplate replacement 0 0 1
Stop The Boring

Since we won't be able to go to the arcade this holiday season, the next best thing would be to create an at-home arcade setup. These arcade lights are fun wall plates that can be plugged into any room. Even cooler is the option to select which color buttons you want on the wall plates. The Arcade Light Switch is a fun way to bring back that nostalgic arcade feeling that we all know and love. 

Buy Now, $10.98

12. Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

screen shot 2020 11 25 at 10 23 22 am

Gaming requires maximum comfort, so a perfect gift for a gamer would be a gaming chair. In addition to the cool design, the chair is made for ultimate comfort with a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion. The chair also has a memory foam seat and adjustable armrests to match. This Respawn gaming chair (or any really) is sure to help take gamers to the next level.

Buy Now, $124.99

13. 'Minecraft' Glowstone Night Light

minecraft lampstone 0

Minecraft has been one of the most popular and most played games since 2011, so the Minecraft Lampstone would make a cool gift to all of the Minecraft fanatics out there. The lamp models the popular glowstone blocks in the game and can be placed anywhere in the house. It's also a cool edition for anyone that's in a need of new lamp.

Buy Now, $54.99

14. Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Wire

Thanks to it being a bit easier to buy in stores and online these days, the newest Xbox console would be a great gift for an avid Xbox fan. For starters, there are two versions to choose from. You could go with the Series X (which is the hardware version), or you could choose the Series S (which is the digital version). The Series X retails for $499 while the Series S goes for $299.

Buy Now, Price Varies for Both Console Bundles

15. PlayStation 5

playstation 5

Speaking of a console restock, the PlayStation 5 is also more readily available for anyone and everyone. So for all the PlayStation fans who are worried about not being able to get a restock anytime soon, this would make a great gift. Like the Xbox Series X|S, the PS5 comes with both a standard and digital edition. The standard is priced at $499, while the digital retails for $399.

Buy Now, Price Varies for Both Console Bundles

16. Hypnotic Light Cube

hypnotic light cube
Sharper Image

For those who are looking to spruce up their homes and offices, the Hypnotic Light Cube is a beautiful piece consisting of 64 LEDs displaying a whopping 4,096 colors. The Light Cube also has 51 light patterns and 10 transition effects which certainly give off a 'hypnotic effect.' 

Buy Now, $139.99

17. Xbox Game Pass

screen shot 2020 11 25 at 10 24 24 am

Back over to Xbox! If your gamer already has an Xbox console, then you may want to consider gifting a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass. The Game Pass gives gamers access to over 100 games to play on both the Xbox console and PC. The one-month pass could be a good 'trial run' to see whether or not gamers like the subscription. Consider getting the three-month subscription if you end up loving a majority of the featured games that make up the quality Xbox Game Pass library.

Buy Now, $44.99

18. Elgato Stream Deck

Best Buy

The Elgato Stream Deck can be used not just for gaming, but for other purposes as well including music, and the ability to mute yourself. For gamers, this is a must-have as it allows you to switch scenery while streaming and other cool effects. The Elgato Stream Deck Controller is also compatible with many different live-streaming services. 

Buy Now, $249.99

19. Arctis 9x SteelSeries Headphones

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Best Buy

These Arctis 9 SteelSeries Headphones are top-tier headphones, and you will definitely get your bang for your buck. The headphones are wireless which subconsciously makes you feel less stressed. These headphones are also extremely comfortable and come with on-ear controls that allow you to easily adjust the volume.

Buy Now, $199.97

20. Drink CTRL

shaker productimages black1
Drink CTRL

Let's face it. Gamers don't eat nearly as much as they are supposed to because they are so focused on gaming throughout the day. Drink CTRL helps with that as it is a shaker for meal replacements. The process of using it is quite simple, just put your meal replacement ingredients in the shaker and shake! With the shaker, you can stay focused on the game, while still eating a healthy nutritious meal.

Buy Now, $12.94

21. Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G

The Logitech G203 is a cost-effective mouse for anyone who wants to try their hands at PC Gaming. It has RGB along with extremely high speeds, a gaming-grade sensor, mechanical button tensioning, and more. The mouse also comes with six programmable buttons and onboard memory giving gamers an extremely high-tech mouse to make their gaming experience more enjoyable.

Buy Now, $45

22. SteelSeries Apex Pro

81youauqail ac sl1500

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is one of the best keyboards out. It is the first of its kind with adjustable mechanical switches and remains one of the best keyboards in gaming. The keyboard is known to give gamers a competitive edge, and the outside is an OLED screen that can also be used to import graphics and GIFs giving a more personal touch. In addition to that, the keycaps are highly ranked. While there are different versions of the Apex Pro, the TKL gives you more mouse room which adds to the comfort level.

Buy Now, $109.99

23. 'Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales'

miles morales

Who doesn't love Spider-Man? One of the greatest video game entries in the life and times of Marvel's beloved web crawler in the Spider-Man series is Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which shines a spotlight on the more youthful metro hero and his more "electrifying" toolset. The game continues to follow the story of Miles Morales as he continues in his quest to protect New York City. The game has garnered excellent reviews, which should come as no surprise considering how much it mimics the gameplay of Marvel's Spider-Man. Be sure to pick up the Ultimate Edition of this game to play both Peter Parker's remastered adventure and Mile Morales' spinoff journey in New York City.

Buy Now, $42.57

24. PlayStation Store Card

screen shot 2020 11 25 at 10 28 38 am

If you're having trouble figuring out what your gamer might want this holiday season, then you may want to consider a gift card. The PlayStation Store Card allows gamers to purchase new games, add-ons for games, movies, and so much more. The PlayStation Store Card continues to be a favorite amongst PlayStation fans.

Buy Now, $25-$110

25. Gaming Pillow

screen shot 2020 11 25 at 10 29 15 am

Long gaming hours can also result in some back discomfort, so a gaming pillow would be an excellent gift for an avid gamer. The pillow is designed specifically as a backrest and provides comfort and support while gaming. The pillow comes in both a standard and large size and also has a neck support option available.

Buy Now, $39.99

26. Nintendo Switch

140007 games review nintendo switch review image1 lp6zy9awm0
Best Buy

If you are looking for a smaller gaming device to get your gamer, then you may want to give the Nintendo Switch a try if you haven't already. Since its debut three years ago, the Switch has a been popular gaming console for those who prefer something smaller and portable. The Switch is especially good for children as the device is small enough to be taken anywhere. The Switch has a wide variety of games available, giving you a great gaming experience.

Buy Now, Price Varies for Console Bundles

27. Luminoodle Color Lighting


Gamers are always looking for a way to upgrade their technology with the newest and coolest features. The Luminoodle LED strip lights are the perfect accessory to juice up your TV. The light switch comes in 15 different colors and glows in the dark as you are playing. The light switch also helps to reduce eye strain as it's never good to play in the dark, making it a pretty neat two-in-one feature.

Buy Now, $20.64

28. Personalized Gamer Sign

gamer sign

If you are looking for a nice quirky gift to get your gamer, then you should definitely consider a personalized gaming sign. In short, the gaming sign consists of an LED name tag light-up that comes in a color of your choice. All you have to do is add the name during the checkout process and you are good to go!

Buy Now, $18.95

29. 'Hogwarts Legacy'

EGS HogwartsLegacy AvalancheSoftware S1 2560x1440 2baf3188eb3c1aa248bcc1af6a927b7e
Warner Bros. Games

Devotees of the "Wizarding World" dreamed of entering that beloved magical wonderland within an open-world game since the introduction of the Harry Potter books. In 2023, that dream scenario came to fruition thanks to Hogwarts Legacy. Set way before the events of the Harry Potter novels, this fanciful experience lets fans take on the role of their very own witch/wizard who must balance their exciting daily duties as a student at Hogwarts. You'll go to classes to obtain new skills, master all sorts of spells that aid you in combat & all over the game's vast locales, soar through the air on a broomstick, and get entangled in a grand conflict that will determine your fate & that of the Wizarding World at large.

Buy Now, $79.99

30. 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

71JHIms19eL. SL1500

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the most therapeutic and fun games to ever be created. Animal Crossing remains a best seller, and its latest edition New Horizons has been in high demand ever since its release in 2020. So if you haven't already gotten New Horizons, you should definitely consider it as a gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Buy Now, $50.80

31. EKSA Gaming Headset Stand


There are multiple headsets on this list, but if the person you’re gifting something to already has a headset, perhaps what they could need is a headset stand. This one by EKSA is functional but also fashionable.

Buy Now, $35.99

32. 'The Game Console 2.0: A Photographic History from Atari to Xbox'

71J8Twu741L. SL1500

This is a coffee table book that’s great for gamers. Even if you don’t want to sit down and read, just flicking through the pictures is a treat. The book takes readers through the history of dozens of consoles, with a focus on hardware that ended up being massively successful and a few entries that were less than popular oddities in the annals of gaming history.

Buy Now, $26.99

33. World of 'Halo' Figure and Vehicle


With Halo being the franchise that it is and Halo Infinite on the way soon, this figure of Master Chief on a Mongoose is a great gift at the moment. It also comes with a rocket launcher accessory and a stand.

Buy Now, $19.99

34. Seagate 1TB SSD


The new consoles come with 1TB of storage but if Call of Duty updates have taught us anything, it’s that you can never have too much free storage. If anything, there won’t be enough. A hard drive like this one is as thoughtful as gifting can get for gamers.

Buy Now, $116.25

35. Vintage PlayStation Icon T-Shirt


With how popular it is, perhaps three of the four symbols on this t-shirt will mostly remind people of Squid Game, but there’s no doubt that even casual gamers will respect the fit.

Buy Now, $19.90

36. 'Monopoly: Fortnite Edition'


Variations of Monopoly aren’t the most unique gift ever, but even if they’re a bit cliché, it’s for a reason. This Fortnite edition is great because it of course features locations from the game.

Buy Now, $17.89

37. HyperX Wrist Rest


If the person you’re thinking of giving a gift to is a PC gamer who stares at their monitor for hours upon end, a thoughtful gift could be this HyperX Wrist Rest which supports the wrist and is a great comfort during those long sessions.

Buy Now, $19.99

38. Pokéball Mug


For drinkers of tea, coffee, and/or hot chocolate who are also fans of Pokémon, is there really a better gift around? This ceramic mug holds 400ml of liquid.

Buy Now, $24.99

39. Paladone PlayStation Icons Light


This is a bigger gift that you’ll have to make sure someone has space for, but if so, it’s one of the nicest options on this list. It’s an especially great idea for anyone with a dedicated gaming set-up or even an aspiring streamer to have in their background.

Buy Now, $26.99

40. Personalised Gamer Water Bottle


A gaming water bottle is a great idea if you want something that references gaming but isn’t necessarily centered around it.

Buy Now, $14.95

41. Video Game Rage Candle


We all let video games get the best of us sometimes, and there’s no shame in that. If the person you’re buying for has been known to rage quit a game or two, then this candle for that exact occasion could be the perfect offering. It’s designed with that scenario that we’ve all been in too.

Buy Now, $11.95

42. 'Among Us' Plushies


Among Us might have already hit its peak for most out there, but it still has a dedicated fan base and the sequel to the game is still sure to give it a boost sometime soon. Either way, if your friend has great memories with the game, then an Among Us Plushie could be a great reminder.

Buy Now, Price Varies

43. The Evolution of The Video Game Console Poster


A simple but special idea is this poster which is subtle enough that it’s not presumptuous to gift someone to have in their personal space but stands out enough to bring some life to a room.

Buy Now, $14.99

44. 'Minecraft': The Creeper Mine LEGO


A Minecraft and LEGO collaboration is something not a lot of people might have thought of but feels like a no-brainer because the voxel art in the game translates well. If creative mode in Minecraft is this person’s thing, this gift is perfect because it’s a massive 834 pieces and will take some of that same brainpower to put together.

Buy Now, $137

45. SNES Mini

81SVwPdq3tL. SL1500

Nintendo's two mini consoles are especially hard to come by these days if you're not looking to spend more than a hundred bucks or so. If you have the deep pockets needed to add an SNES Mini to your or someone else's retro gaming collection, then consider picking up the version that was released in the UK (which is region-free and allows you to play it in whichever part of the globe you reside). Classic SNES games and even the previously unreleased Star Fox 2 are included in Nintendo's mini box of gaming bliss. It's definitely worth picking up the NES Mini right alongside this featured item as well.

Buy Now, $360

46. Sega Genesis Mini 2

81uIj6rvNbL. SL1500

If you copped the first edition of this mini retro console, then it's definitely worth copping the newest version that comes with a host of even more retro games. The Sega Genesis Mini 2 comes with a six-button controller, which is much better for fighting game aficionados who can't wait to take Super Street Fighter II for a spin. The games library on this console is extensive since it's filled with even more Sega Genesis and Sega CD classics, underrated gems, and little-known oddities.

Buy Now, $94.87

47. 'Itchy Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil'


Author Alex Aniel did an amazing job chronicling the up-and-down history of Capcom's smash-hit survival horror franchise, Resident Evil. This book follows the origins of the series all the way up until the genre-defining Resident Evil 4 - avid fans of Capcom and RE lore, in general, will enjoy all the comments from the people who worked on each game, the critical responses to each release, the troubles that come with video game development, and so much more.

Buy Now, $16.07

48. 'Elden Ring'

71ApMdd7bL. SL1361

If you know a gamer in your life who's a masochist who loves the difficult trials that come with FromSoftware games, then do them a favor and make sure they have this game in their collection. Chances are they have it already - if not, do them a favor by helping them get engrossed in this open-world take on the "Soulsbourne" formula. Elden Ring offers a grand adventure rife with intimidating bosses, tons of secrets to uncover, and a vast journey that will kill you repeatedly but keep you coming back for more. Chances are there are some gamers out there who love that kind of stuff.

Buy Now, $49.99

49. 'God of War Ragnarök'

817y77i7EFL. SL1500

"BOY!" The 2018 revival of the God of War series marked a new high for Kratos as he embarked on a dangerous trek alongside his son Atreus within a land steeped in Norse mythology. Its sequel God of War Ragnarök does everything so much better in every way - there's more enemy variety, combat skills, locales to explore, and plenty of side tasks that have actual narrative importance to them.

Buy Now, $61.86

50. 'Kirby and the Forgotten Land'

81z7XjYWeL. AC SL1500

Nintendo's all-consuming pink hero finally evolved from side-scrolling platforming stages to 3D stages that allow for more free movement in this new Switch adventure. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is pretty much the Super Mario 64 version of Kirby's long-running career - you'll find yourself and whoever you buy this game for enamored with all the fun, charm, and bevy of secrets this platformer has in store.

Buy Now, $47.90
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