Corsair, the Gaming Gear and Streaming Equipment Leader, Acquires VBI

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Caleb Leigh

Visuals By Impulse (VBI) is undergoing a major shakeup in this first quarter of 2021. Last week Corsair, the leader in gaming gear and streaming equipment, came to a groundbreaking deal to acquire VBI from founder Caleb Leigh for an undisclosed amount, as the company continues to move deeper into the streaming scene. VBI is a leading design platform for creators on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, and among the most respected for streamers in the esports and gaming community with their graphics being used in some capacity by over 400,000 streamers. VBI has done working with some of esports’ finest including; 100 Thieves, Valkyrae, Myth, Lachlan, CouRage, Scump and more.

The deal follows Corsair’s 2018 acquisition of Elgato and their 2020 purchase of EpocCam, marking it as the third major move for the organization in the past three years. Corsair’s VBI buyout makes them the first major tech player to heavily invest in a creative platform and design team, and the company plans to add a new product line to VBI while also offering branding and digital design resources for creators.

As live-streaming services continue to soar to unseen sights during the midst of this pandemic, the VBI acquisition will open up the doors to new collaborations with other Corsair brands such as SCUF Gaming and Gamer Sensei. Streamers and content creators will also have access to more free and paid designs than ever before, giving them the opportunity to elevate their brand while experiencing world-class technology.

VBI, who has experienced enormous growth since March, will now operate as a separate brand and product line underneath Elgato, where fans will have access to top-of-the-line visuals alongside their favorite Elgato products. 

ONE37pm’s Aaron ‘Don’ Dukes spoke with VBI Founder Caleb Leigh ahead of this announcement.

No staff reductions were made as a result of this agreement, and this move continues to highlight just how bright the gaming landscape is for live streaming.

You can keep with all of the latest announcements for both Corsair and VBI/Elgato via their official websites.

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