Everything We Know About 'Genshin Impact' So Far

All the details about the hot new RPG

mobile hero genshin
Jason Koeppel/ONE37pm

If you haven’t heard of Genshin Impact, it’s time to start paying attention. 

Released on September 28th, the game is the latest to join the list of games that have been huge hits during this pandemic. Developed by miHoYoGenshin Impact is already on its way to crashing servers with close to 20 million mobile downloads in this past week alone, which isn’t surprising given that phones are more accessible than consoles. This number doesn’t even cover the downloads from PC and the PlayStation 4 and is currently estimated to have made $50 million in revenue making it one of the biggest games to come out of China so far.

From the outside perspective, Genshin Impact, looks like an MMORPG, but it’s actually a co-op RPG open-world fantasy game complete with great graphics. One thing’s for sure. Genshin Impact is slowly paving the way for the future outlook of modern RPGs. 

Check out the trailer for the game below:

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