100 Thieves' George Nowack Is All About The Process

The Graphic Editor caught up with ONE37pm's Aaron 'Don' Dukes

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George Nowack

This week Aaron ‘Don’ Dukes goes ‘Inside The Screen’ with George Nowack, junior graphic editor for 100 Thieves. Recently graduating with a bachelor’s degree from California State University in graphic design, Nowack is already off to a fast start in his career, taking the job with 100 Thieves nine months ago and officially coming on as a full-time employee in February. In his short time with the company, Nowack’s designs have become instantly recognizable in the 100 Thieves community, with fans praising his exciting approach and stunning visuals. Don and Nowack discussed many subjects during their hour-long conversation, also covering the topic of NFTs, and how they are going to impact the future of gaming.

Don starts the conversation asking Nowack how about his early interest in designing. “I always express how thankful I am for being able to discover my passion really early on. I started designing in middle school, and I asked my parents to get me Photoshop CS5 for Christmas. I was always curious about design, and high school was where I discovered that it could be an actual career. Thankfully the high school I attended had classes where you could explore that side of the industry.”

Picking up on Nowack’s deeper approach to his mindset and craft, Don asks the 22-year-old about the psychology behind his professional approach. “I always tell people that if I were never a designer and decided to pursue a different route, I would have pursued psychology because a lot of motivation behind what I do as a designer is centered around other people’s emotions,” Nowack says as he goes into the thought process behind his designs. “A lot of it is about how people react to visuals, and how we can trigger some type of emotional response just by having something on a screen, and that has always been fascinating to me. I always teach people that if you are intentional with what you create, you can lean people in a certain direction.”

As the conversation continues, Don and Nowack revisit the 2010s, taking a look at Nowack’s early college days, and how he was able to obtain the connections and experiences necessary to progress to the next level. Nowack also talked about how he incorporates his love of streetwear into his visual storytelling, building his brand, and of course, bitcoin and NFT. Pointing out that gamers have been slightly involved in the scene for a while now, Don asks Nowack his thoughts on NFTs. “I love it because I’ve had my eye on it for the past year or so, but I have only gotten really involved in the community this past month. I think something that helped me understand why this working is because of collectibles. Some people know that I have been really into Pokemon cards and that people selling crypto art is basically the same thing whether it is digital or physical.”

Don and Nowack had a great conversation that can be helpful for any aspiring content creators. Be sure to check out the full interview above, and follow both Don and Nowack on Instagram and Twitter

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