Meet Seso, the Graphic Designer Behind 100 Thieves

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mobile hero 100thieves
Jason Koeppel / ONE37pm

No brand represents the ever-evolving gaming landscape quite like 100 Thieves. Known for their eye-catching merch and big-name investors, the brand’s signature style can be traced back to a graphic design mind unlike any other, our man Seso (Gregory Ortiz). The 24-year-old designer has made his mark on the 2020 gaming landscape, emphasizing visuals and brand recognition in the development of a successful gaming org. It’s gotten to the point that some people wear 100 Thieves merch without even knowing it’s a gaming organization; the brand’s remarkable visual style and commitment to producing clothing and other merchandise—helmed by Seso—has massively contributed to the growing conflation between gaming orgs and lifestyle brands.

In the most recent episode of Good Game, brought to you by the mind of Aaron “The Don” Dukes, our host, and his two cohosts—REDinFamy Warlock Rackaul—spoke with the iconic designer about his work for 100 Thieves and his overall mindset surrounding graphic design.

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