'Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising' Release Date: Story, Characters, and More

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For those living in Japan, the marquee mobile game that has captured millions of players' attention and regularly garners tons of attention is Granblue Fantasy. This fantastical action RPG, which comes from the development house known as Cygames, utilizes a gorgeous painterly art style mixed in with anime stylings, a lovable cast of characters, and fine-tuned traditional turn-based combat mechanics. Back in 2020, Granblue Fantasy grew into a recognizable global IP after the release of Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Arc System Works (the legendary Japanese development studio that's best known for creating the Guilty Gear series) offered its expertise in the sub-genre of anime fighters to craft a quality brawler. Sadly, a less-than-stellar netcode hampered the game's growth among the FGC (Fighting Game Community) and kept it from being a lot bigger. Now Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is not only looking to greatly improve upon its predecessor's netcode, but it's also looking to improve upon its combat mechanics, spruce up its graphical presentation, and so much more. Now let's take a look at Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising's release date, story, characters, etc.

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'Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising' Release Date

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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising is slated to release on December 14, 2023, for PS5, PS4, and PC - Steam. This new and improved anime fighter is coming in three different digital editions: the Free Edition, the Standard Edition, and the Deluxe Edition. The Free Edition of the game will let players use up to four characters (which includes Gran and three other rotating fighters), a couple of features disabled in training mode, only the first part of the game's story mode, access to the default figures for "Figure Studio," no availability to online room matches, default characters for the online lobby avatars, default lobby weapon skins, three partners (Gran, Vyrn, and Lyria), no save data transfer from the original game, a few disabled features for the game's profile customization mode, character levels that max out at level 80, and legend levels that max out at level 40.

Pre-ordering the Standard Edition of the game nets players access to the "Granblue Special Item Set: GBVSR Pack," which comes with a host of alternate costumes and tons of usable items for the mobile Granblue Fantasy game (this digital pack of goodies will only come with PS5 and PS5 digital pre-orders). Getting the Deluxe Edition of Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising comes with the aforementioned Granblue Special Item Set: GBVSR Pack and the following additional bonuses:

  • Four Color Variants for the 28 Base Characters
  • Three Weapon Skins for the 28 Base Characters
  • Deluxe Character Pass Part One (Six DLC Characters, Six Premium Avatars, Four Color Variants for the Six DLC Characters, Three Weapon Skins for the 6 DLC Characters, the "Guider to the Eternal Edge" costumes for Gran & Djeeta, and a Vikala (Yin) Premium Avatar)
  • Up to 72 hours of Early Access (players can hop into the game as early as December 11, 2023)



Character Pass Part 1


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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising features a host of combat adjustments that lend themself well to longer combo strings and varied approaches to closing in on your opponent. "Ultimate Skill" moves are even more powerful versions of the original game's EX versions ("Plus Skills") of special moves. Ultimate Skills are capable of slowing down the fight for a quick second while you continue stringing together follow-up attacks. A "Dash Attack" is exactly what it is - a move that can be pulled off while dashing.

A "Triple Attack" is an auto combo that be pulled off by pressing the same button three times in a row - the third attack during that string can be changed to an overhead or low attack depending on your final button input. "Skybound Arts" and "Super Skybound Arts" make their return from the first game, which are super moves and more powerful climactic versions of those super moves. "Raging Strike" attacks are powerful moves that can't be blocked, cause guard crush, and deplete a "Bravery Point" from your opponent. A "Raging Chain" attack is an additional follow-up attack that comes right after successfully landing a Raging Strike. Finally, a "Brave Counter" is a counterattack that can be pulled off while blocking a foe's attack or during a guard crush.

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