Have a Look at Higround's Basecamp Series

This collection will "last forever."

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Higround is recognized by gamers the world over for the company's devotion to crafting quality keyboards and assorted item drops. Since its acquisition by 100 Thieves in October 2021, the gaming peripheral maker has helped produce limited-edition capsule collaborations with the likes of 100 Thieves, Prix, and Sega. It should come as no surprise that those signature collections have sold out in a manner of minutes, which is definitely disappointing for those who've tried their hardest to obtain Higround's quality offerings. Higround has clearly taken note of this, which is why it's looking to offer a new line of keyboards in a collection that is promised to "last forever." Allow us to introduce you to the upcoming Higround Basecamp Series.

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All of the keyboards being sold within the Basecamp Series will come with the same high-class features fans have become so enamored with. Those features include "White Flame" switches (which have been co-designed by Higround and TTC) that come pre-lubed and allow for much smoother switch movement. Also, these keyboards will be outfitted with dual-silicone dampening foam - this addition will add more heft to them and elicit a deeper typing sound/feel. If you were one of the lucky ones that obtained Higround's Sega keyboard capsule, then you'll be happy to know that the Basecamp Series keyboards are similar in build to that one.

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Higround Founder and CEO Rustin Sotoodeh made sure to celebrate this new collection that's promised to be around for fans to procure for a very long time: "This is our first time releasing a product that is guaranteed to restock and be refreshed with new designs in the future. The Basecamp Series is our way of making Higround more available to everyone—from people who couldn’t get a keyboard during our drops to people who just want an aesthetically pleasing keyboard to liven up their PC setup. It's meant for everyone to use, so we made it available to everyone."

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