The 50 Most Iconic Video Games Characters of All Time


You've seen them in random commercials for non-gaming-related products. You've spotted them on children's bookbags. You've even seen them on the front of cereal boxes, lunch boxes, and old cans of SpaghettiOs!

The characters we speak of are icons derived from the world of gaming. Ever since the interactive entertainment medium we love so much began dominating the world, fans far and wide have come to adore its most recognizable faces. Not a day goes by where at least one of these characters comes across your timeline, gets mentioned during a random conversation, or pops up into your head after listening to an associated song of some kind. We're here to honor 50 of the very best and honor their historic runs.

So without further ado, join us as we showcase the most iconic video game characters of all time.

1. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man

pac man

Who knew that the image of a pizza pie with one slice removed would lead to the creation of one of gaming's earliest mascots? Toru Iwatani's yellow pellet-eating, ghost-chomping avatar Pac-Man is known far and wide. The same goes for the little yellow guy's equally popular female counterpart.

2. Nathan Drake

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony's very own treasure raider is your lovable everyman that endures himself to everyone he eventually befriends. And when he's not blasting baddies and escaping dangerous situations by the skin of his teeth, Nathan Drake can be seen featured on the big screen and other Sony-licensed titles. Nathan's scruffy world explorer design makes him incredibly easy to recognize.

3. Crash Bandicoot

CB4 Screenshot Reveal 13

When Sony first launched the PlayStation, they came out the gate swinging at Nintendo and Sega with its prized platform mascot. That mascot ended up being the anthropomorphic orange marsupial known as Crash Bandicoot. Crash has been in his own highly-rated games, talked trash to Mario in commercials, invented his own dance, etc.

4. Lara Croft

tomb raider 1 gq 30aug18 b
Core Design

Before Nathan Drake stepped up as gaming's premier tomb explorer, the great Lara Croft owned that distinct honor. The Tomb Raider franchise put her at the forefront of everyone's memories thanks to her iconic look, double pistol mastery, and overall cool factor. Lara's recognizability grew by leaps and bounds once Angelina Jolie played her in those big-budget Tomb Raider movie adaptations.

5. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong 418a

Nintendo's lovable ape was actually a bad guy at first - he terrorized Mario and his girlfriend back in the arcades at the start. Then he got to play the part of hero alongside his little brother Diddy Kong in the SNES classic known as Donkey Kong Country. Since then, the burly ape has been recognized as one of Nintendo's biggest stars thanks to his amazing platformers and featured roles in games such as Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, Mario Kart, etc.

6. Mario


The plumber known around the world is none other than Mario. The platforming hero originally referred to as "Jumpman" has been a mainstream darling ever since he blew young gamers' minds back on the NES. Mario's getting his own animated movie with Chris Pratt of all people voicing him, which lets you know just how monumental Mario is in the world of entertainment.

7. Luigi

Super Mario Galaxy Luigi

Mario's slimmer and much weirder brother has a major fanbase of his own. At first, he was just known as the Mario Bros. sibling that didn't differentiate too much from everything his sibling did. But then, games like Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. exposed the quirkier parts of his lovable personality. Now everyone adores him even more for standing apart from his chubbier counterpart.

8. Princess Peach


Princess just used to be your usual gaming damsel in distress. But as the Mario Bros. franchise moved forward, the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom began gaining even more popularity thanks to her appearances in a bevy of spinoff games. Peach's popularity even rivals that of Mario now! Her kart, tennis, golf, and other talents all make her a female gaming icon worth celebrating.

9. Solid Snake

MetalGear THUMB 1414797368613

When Hideo Kojima dropped the very first Metal Gear Solid back in 1998, everyone who played it walked away from it singing the praises of its main protagonist. Solid Snake, the badass operative that has saved the world from militaristic threats on countless occasions, exudes a cool factor that's only rivaled by his stealthier compatriots. Snake is practically the mascot for all things stealth-based gameplay excellence.

10. Master Chief

Xbox Game Studios

Halo's superheroic Spartan has been fighting the good fight against humanity's alien foes since 2001. And everyone has grown to adore him ever since. Master Chief has never revealed what he actually looks like, which is why there's such an air of mystery surrounding him to this very day. Even still, Master Chief's cool factor has remained intact as he continues being the armor sporting savior of the UNSC. We can't wait to see him in action on his Paramount+ live-action series!

11. Kratos

80 1
Sony Interactive Entertainment

"Alpha male" is an overused term, but it definitely applies to this mountain of a man. Kratos spent his first three mainline games offing the Greek gods, so you couldn't help but get caught up in all his reckless behavior and unmatched brutality. God of War (2018) added extra wrinkles to Sony's unbridled god killer, which makes him even more of a likable protagonist these days.

12. Sonic the Hedgehog


"Sega does what Nintendon't!" And at the very front of that fiery marketing campaign, Sega's "Blue Blur" came out swinging against Nintendo's portly plumber. To this very day, Sonic the Hedgehog remains an entertainment staple - he even got his very own float at the Thanksgiving Day Parade! The platforming icon that always wants to go fast is featured on anything and everything, which makes him super easy to pick out of a lineup.

13. Link


Nintendo's green tunic-wearing hero is known far and wide as the savior of the kingdom of Hyrule. Link's been through it all with his forever nemesis Ganondorf, but he's always managed to eliminate him with his trusty Master Sword and Hylian Shield by his side. Link's legendary status will forever stay intact thanks to his strong track record of truly amazing action/adventure epics.

14. Samus Aran

metroid dread art

Imagine the shock and awe written all over everyone's faces when they found out that the hero of Metroid was actually a heroine! Ever since then, gamers have given Samus Aran all the respect in the world for being a fine representative of female main characters in gaming. The intergalactic bounty hunter who lets her Plasma Gun do the talking will always remain a megastar.

15. Kirby

H2x1 Kirby Hub V2 image1600w

Nintendo sure has a long line of iconic characters, doesn't it? Next on our list from the "Big N" is the pink puffball that makes for the perfect plush doll. Kirby sucks up his enemies, copies their abilities, and overcomes the sorts of enormous baddies you'd think would pound him into a pulp. You can't help but appreciate Kirby's insatiable appetite and expansive ability suite.

16. Bowser

HT bowser jef 150520 16x9 1600

The mega lizard menace that's been terrorizing Mario and the other inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom for decades is this guy. Bowser's the ultimate video game big boss that's been at the forefront of Nintendo's biggest franchise right alongside its lovable protagonist. Side note - Bowser's definitely one of our mains in Smash!

17. Pikachu


You know Pikachu is video game/mainstream royalty since most folks can mimic his voice with relative ease. That's because the most popular Pokémon of all time is still at the forefront of everyone's memory. The lovable yellow mouse we've all come to adore is just so darn cute! The little guy even has his own movie, so you can never doubt Pika Pika's popularity.

18. Mega Man

MegaMan11 Art

Capcom's "Blue Bomber" dominated everyone's attention back on the NES. And even though he's had a ton of character changes in the years since, everyone still refers to Mega Man's OG model as the most recognizable. He's small, but he's a powerhouse that's done work in his 0wn games and a bunch of Capcom crossover titles. His 90s cartoon and its theme song are still the stuff of legend!

19. Yoshi

H2x1 KidsClub ReadAndDiscover YoshisFacts

Once gamers got introduced to Yoshi back on Super Mario World, a new star was born. Now that the super helpful dinosaur is sporting legs, he's even more of a superstar within the halls of Nintendo. Yoshi's done everything from taking care of a crying Baby Mario to hitting holes-in-one across dozens of Mario Golf courses, so he's clearly an anthropomorphic legend out here.

20. Ryu


The original "World Warrior" and the fighting game mascot that will never be surpassed is none other than Ryu himself. You've probably heard someone randomly yell out "HADOUKEN!" out in public and instantly know who that term is connected to. And that's because Street Fighter's master of Shotokan-style Karate is a pop culture commodity.

21. Chun-Li

chun li

And when the topic of the lady rep that gets the most love in Street Fighter, it's undoubtedly Chun-Li. Her signature character design has been cosplayed by many (even Jackie Chan!) and is recognizable far & wide. You know Chun-Li is truly an icon out here when Nicki Minaj even has a whole song named after the "Lighting Legs" user.

22. Scorpion

scorpion 1
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

"GET OVER HERE!" Plenty of kids on the playground uttered that furious phrase during the height of Mortal Kombat fandom. And even now, people continue to quote the yellow ninja that's fueled by rage and powered by hellfire. Scorpion is the quintessential video game ninja that's been featured in movies, comic books, cartoons, and so much more.

23. Sub-Zero

Sub Zero Mortal Kombat 11 Tips 1
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The other side of the signature Mortal Kombat ninja coin always flips to Socrpion's "frozen" rival. Sub-Zero is held in very high regard thanks to his "cool" demeanor and the abundance of slick alternate costumes he's sported over the past couple of decades. And that foreboding voice? It's just another factor that makes Sub-Zero such a beloved fighting game legend.

24. Cloud Strife

Square Enix

Cloud Strife and his weighty Buster Sword caused a whole generation of gamers to embrace role-playing games during the 1997 launch of Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix has pushed Cloud out into the mainstream via a wealth of additional content dedicated to one of the most revered entries in the Final Fantasy franchise. Cloud's also showcased his sword swinging excellence in Super Smash Bros. and even Kingdom Hearts, which are two spinoff roles that point to his immense fan acclaim.

25. Sephiroth

Square Enix

And here we have the penultimate JRPG baddie that has his own massive fanbase opposite his eternal foe Cloud. Sephiroth and his unbelievably long Masamune katana can still be seen in various parts of media. The guy just exudes immense swag and has the sort of voice that commands everyone's attention. His featured roles in various FF7-themed games, Super Smash Bros., Kingdom Hearts, Ehrgeiz, etc. have made him even more of an undeniable star.

Honorable Mentions

26. Duke Nukem

dukenukemforever keyart L 1
2K Games

27. Earthworm Jim

earthworm jim
Interplay Entertainment

28. Jill Valentine

jill valentine

29. Waluigi

Waluigi Featured

30. Bill and Lance

2 494
Level Infinite

31. Leon S. Kennedy


32. Claire Redfield

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33. Wario


34. Fox McCloud


35. Billy and Jimmy Lee

double dragon neon hero.0
Majesco Entertainment

36. Rash, Zitz, and Pimple

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Xbox Game Studios

37. Bub and Bob

Screen Shot 2021 06 02 at 3.29.17 PM

38. Commander Shepard

mass effect commander shepard return
Electronic Arts

39. Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong SSBB

40. M. Bison

m bison

41. Tracer

tracer ptr buff overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

42. Ryu Hayabusa

1280x720 1
Koei Tecmo

43. Agent 47

agent 47
IO Interactive

44. Geralt of Rivia

CD Projekt

45. Gordon Freeman

gordon freeman

46. Q*bert

2823047 qbert rebooted artwork 4
LOOT Interactive

47. Sam Fisher

sam fisher

48. Joel

Sony Interactive Entertainment

49. Ellie

The Last of Us Part 2 1
Sony Interactive Entertainment

50. Spyro the Dragon

Running Through Idol Springs

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