Immutable is Looking to Rule the Blockchain Game

gods unchained mobile

The relatively new concept of blockchain gaming is starting to gain some steam and viability in the eyes of many. Over on the Ethereum side of things, titles such as Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and Sorare regularly dominate the charts for the top blockchain protocol. One of the more recognizable entities within the growing blockchain gaming space is Immutable, who just so happen to be the developers behind another trending ETH-based blockchain game - Gods Unchained.

The popular turn-based collectible digital card trading game has been a massive success thus far - $7+ million worth of card exchanges have gone down and the game’s tournament prize pool has reached a total of $570K. Gods Unchained isn’t the only game Immutable is focused on growing, however - the company is looking to launch the world’s first AAA blockchain RPG, Guild of Guardians. Just five days after being announced, the game has captured a ton of interest as evidenced by its 120K email signups from interested gamers and 35K Twitter followers.

Immutable is vying to become even more of a stronger force within the blockchain gaming space. With Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, and its very own decentralized non-custodial exchange system (Immutable X), that company goal looks quite attainable. We spoke with Immutable CEO James Ferguson about everything from the company’s central idea to its future aspirations within the gaming industry.

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