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The physical trading card space has maintained its relevance thanks in no small part to avid collectors, buyers, and sellers. There’s a ton of excitement derived from copping a single pack and collectible boxes that just might have the rare card you’ve been eyeing for so long. We now live in a world where digital trading cards are just as big of a commodity when compared to their physical counterparts—NBA Top Shot is a prime example of that growing trend. It managed to attract a fledgling community of users and pulled in an astronomical amount of income in such a short time span.

The Santa Monica, California-based company has also thrown itself into the thriving digital trading card space. But it’s not focused on featuring sports stars on its signature brand of cards— instead deals in allowing its users to collect digital cards that feature the likeness of popular esports teams’ players and Twitch streamers. Mark Donovan, one of the founders for, detailed to ONE37pm how the company came to be and what it took to turn its concept into a reality.

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