'Inside the Screen': Draynilla Speaks on the Mental Aspects of Streaming

Mikey Caloca / ONE37pm

This week's Inside The Screen, hosted by Aaron "Don" Dukes, features the welcome return of special guest Draynilla. And with that return visit came a deep and insightful conversation that delved into the mental aspects of streaming.

When the topic of one's anxiety comes up, Draynilla offers his take on how he's confronted those types of emotions throughout his life and career - "When I would start my stream, I would have the craziest anxiety. But I would just like, ignore it. But it ultimately led me to where I am now and where I need to get away from that by focusing on me and dealing with that. I would be worrying for no reason! And so I'm starting to deal with it by exercising, going outside, hanging out with your friends, etc. Those are the biggest stress relievers."

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