ICYMI: ONE37pm's Convo With JuJu Smith-Schuster and the BLOKKBOTS Crew

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It’s not very often that you get to talk NFTs with a groundbreaking athlete like JuJu Smith-Schuster, but we got to do just that this past Monday via Twitter Spaces.

Here’s the 411 guys. BLOKKBOTS is a revolutionary NFT P2E multiplayer fighting game that should be on every gamer/NFT lover's radar, and what makes BLOKKBOTS even more special is the fact that JuJu, an avid gamer, and streamer who’s already started winning awards, is personally involved in the development. As previously mentioned, we hosted a Twitter Spaces with Juju and the rest of the BLOKKBOTS crew Derrick, Jesse, and Future this past Monday, and as promised we’re providing a recap of the conversation, below you can find the full Twitter Spaces.

ONE37pm: Okay, let’s start with official introductions for our ONE37pm fanbase that may not be familiar with BLOKKBOTs already.

JuJu: What’s up! I’m Juju and I play for the Kansas City Chiefs. BLOKKBOTS and I have been working together now for the past three or four months. Derrick, Jesse, and Future have got some big things cooking, and of course, y’all know I’m a huge gamer!

Jesse: Hey everyone! I’m Jesse and I’m the founder of BLOKKBOTS. I’m heavily into the NFT and Web 3 space and I have always loved video games, so I figured why not add a video game component to the BLOKKBOTS project? I linked up with JuJu and it’s been great! We want to be the first NFT franchise and we want to be as big as The Avengers!

Derrick: What’s up everyone I’m Derrick and I’m one of the devs. I come from a tv, film, and music space, and I’ve been in crypto since the end of 2014. I’ve been dealing with NFTs since around 2017/2018. I got Juju on board for this project as I always knew about his love for gaming and we both have a passion for it. It’s been fun working on this project as a developer!

ONE37pm: Jesse I want to go back to something you said real quick. You said BLOKKBOTS could be like The Avengers right?

Jesse: Yes! You see a lot of NFTs and roadmaps to making NFTs. We wanted BLOKKBOTs to be something more than that. We want to make something that connects, and something that is similar to a comic book. You know, along the lines of Wolverine and Superman. Our biggest thing is teaching the people and especially kids that play about cryptocurrency through the game. I know this may be taboo to say, but I don’t want us to get bought out by Disney. We’re creating an IP, I want us to have merchandise, toys, and more. The game is super playable and we have a new mint coming out. You can play the game and win real prizes. The thing about crypto currency is that now it’s starting to get tied to the real world. 

You can keep up with BLOKKBOTS and all of their updates on Twitter

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