The Best PS5 Fighting Games

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While the launch period for the PlayStation 5 made it next to impossible to find one, it's thankfully become less of a headache to get your hands on one. And as the powerful home console starts hitting its stride during its lifecycle, a bunch of well-known franchises and brand new IPs will prosper with all the new hardware enclosed within the PS5. The fighting game genre is thriving a lot more than usual these days - a post-Street Fighter IV renaissance is upon us! If you're looking to pull off some touch of death combos, hop online to raise your ranks, and put scrubs in their place, feel free to do those in the best PS5 fighting games we've placed on this list.

PS5 Fighting Games

Arc System Works

1. 'Guilty Gear -Strive-'

The rock music-infused, anime-stylized fighting game series that Arc System Works has been popularized by looks and plays its very best in this latest series installment. The debut of awesome-looking and even better-playing characters such as Nagoriyuki and Giovanna introduces new styles of play to franchise veterans, while the returning cast arrives with new tools and even new looks to compliment them. The gameplay at the heart of this fighter is so ill thanks to being able to wall splat your foes, knock them into other parts of each stage, and slow down time to maximize your combo potential. Guilty Gear -Strive- is an incredible return to form for the anime fighter that's always backed by a headbanger's soundtrack.

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2. 'The King of Fighters XV'

It's so crazy to fathom that SNK's signature 3v3, team elimination fighter has been around long enough to be on its 15th main series entry. But thank the heavens because it managed to turn into a quality 2.5D fighter that respects the series' past while also pushing forward into the future. Our expectations were most definitely shattered due to the return of formerly deceased characters such as Ash, plus the usage of new mechanics such as the Focus Attack-like Shatter Strike and MAX Mode variations. Pulling off devastating combos is easier, the game's roster is amazing, and the super flashy Climax Super Special Moves all add up to make playing The King of Fighters XV feel like a dream. You'll get your money's worth and more thanks to this being one of the most fulfilling PS5 fighting games.

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3. 'Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate'

Mortal Kombat 11 slowed the pace down a bit to offer a more methodical and footsies-based fighter that evokes memories of Mortal Kombat II. Getting to customize every "kombatant" in the game to your liking via alternate costumes and special moves gave rise to so much player creativity. It's still mindblowing for us to witness two different versions of Scorpion come to blows and utilize their own special abilities that differ from each other. Mortal Kombat 11 is easily the best-looking installment in the series to date and also gets a ton of love for offering a content-rich experience for everyone that hops into it. This "Ultimate" version comes with every DLC character and the "Aftermath" story expansion, which makes it a must-have.

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4. 'DNF Duel'

Arc System Works can damn near make a good fighting game out of anything! One of the best PS5 fighting games comes from this 1v1 playable dedication to the Dungeon & Fighter series called DNF Duel. The gorgeous anime art style Arc Sys has gotten so much love for is all over this one - all the character classes from this fighter's source material look insanely pretty in motion. You'll feel pure bliss as you pull off a nasty combo with the all-powerful Grappler, tricky Swift Master, or hard-hitting Crusader. The easier special move inputs lower the barrier of entry to DNF Duel, so causal and veteran FGC members will have no issue getting good at this one.

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5. 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles'

With the fast rise of the Demon Slayer anime, it was only a matter of time before an arena fighting game got devoted to its brand of fashionable sword wielders and bloodthirsty demons. Developer CyberConnect2 stepped into applying its arena combat stylings to the IP and it worked immensely via Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles. The gameplay may seem simple here, but you'll quickly come to realize that there are a bunch of mechanics here that deepen its complexity. Calling in character assists, knowing when to land a grab, and picking the perfect time to go for a cinematic super move make this anime fighter much deeper than you'd expect.

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6. 'MultiVersus'

Batman. Bugs Bunny. Tom & Jerry. And...Lebron James? All those characters come together to enjoy some Super Smash Bros. platform clashes in a party brawler that's filled with characters from Warner Bros. properties. The focus on 2v2 gameplay helps MultiVersus differentiate itself from other Smash clones. And the hard-hitting and insanely fast gameplay come together to produce one of the most pleasurable multiplayer fighting game experiences on the market. MultiVersus is always a blast to hop into for fighting game fans and even non-fans of the genre.

7. 'WWE 2K22'

WWE 2K22 fulfills its motto of "hitting different." The simulation feel of the long-running series' past entries infuses some infinitely more fun arcade elements, which makes the in-ring action flow and look a lot better. The graphics look as lifelike as you'd expect, which means your favorite modern-day superstars and past legends look as good as their real-life selves. Showcase, MyRISE, Universe, the always expansive Creations suite, MyFACTION, and more are here to give wrestling fans better versions of their favorite legacy modes. WWE 2K22 is a welcome return to form for WWE's ultimate video game simulator.

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8. 'GigaBash'

If you've watched the trailers for the rebooted Godzilla films countless times and have a bunch of Ultraman toys in your collection, then this game is tailor-made for you. GigaBash puts forth the perfect marriage between War of the Monsters (remember that one?) and Power Stone - big monsters, robots, and mega-sized costumed heroes converge on large arenas to beat the hell out of each other. You'll enjoy every minute of this game's ferocious four-player brawls as you get to use pieces of the environment and your chosen character's powerful special abilities. GigaBash's monster brawls feel like a natural evolution of what games like Rampage and Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee gave us back in the day.

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