'Silent Hill' Transmission: Trailers and Highlights

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Silent Hill fans have been forced to sit idly by as Resident Evil fans have gotten to feast on quality remakes and brand-new series entries. But now Konami has made it abundantly clear that it's finally ready to breathe new life into its iconic survival horror series. Today (October 19), that creepy town that's always enveloped in the thickets of fog got pushed back into the gaming spotlight via the Silent Hill Transmission live-stream presentation. A bunch of upcoming Silent Hill projects got revealed during this event and we've gone out of our way to gather all the trailers for them and summarize what they're all about.

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'Silent Hill' Transmission: Trailers and Highlights

'Silent Hill 2'

'Silent Hill: Townfall'

'Return to Silent Hill'

'Silent Hill Ascension'

'Silent Hill f'

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