16 Games Like 'Resident Evil'

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The term “survival horror” entered the lexicon of gaming once Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise first scared the hell out of everyone back in 1996. Carefully exploring spooky locales, managing your precious resources, and dealing with a vicious array of bioweapons describes the horrifying experience that comes with playing a Resident Evil game.

Over the years, the series has split its focus between a third- and first-person camera viewpoint in an effort to present its brand of horrors in new ways. Thankfully, most of the series entries have worked to a satisfying degree in that regard. If you’ve found yourself yearning for games like Resident Evil that adopt either of those main character camera settings, then allow us to offer you some assistance. The 16 games we compiled for this list present the sort of survival horror goodness that exemplifies Resident Evil.

1. ‘Silent Hill’ (series)

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2. ‘Dead Space’ (series)

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3. ‘Dino Crisis’ (series)

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4. ‘The Evil Within’ (series)

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5. ‘Shadows of the Damned’

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6. ‘Daymare: 1998’

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7. ‘Parasite Eve’ (series)

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8. ‘Deep Fear’

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9. ‘Dying Light’

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10. ‘The Last of Us’ (series)

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11. ‘Days Gone’

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12. ‘Alien Isolation’

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13. ‘Alan Wake’

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14. ‘Condemned’ (series)

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15. ‘Metro’ (series)

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16. ‘Obscure’ (series)

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