10 GAS Women Video Game Streamers You Must Watch


Twitch is the world’s most prominent streaming platform - it plays host to a huge swath of gamers and even non-gamers that put their personalities front and center while they indulge in their passionate hobbies. 

Whether that pastime is gaming, music, or simply reacting to major goings-on in the world, Twitch’s streamers make a habit of being as entertaining as possible while they interact with their loyal followers and dedicated subscribers. The women’s contingent that exists on Twitch is responsible for putting forth a wealth of amazing content within the gaming sphere. We’ve spent countless hours watching a good majority of them hop into their preferred games and make us laugh, cry, and get excited about everything they’ve done thus far. 

There are 10 ladies that we want to highlight on this list as the ones you need to go out of your way to tune into. And after checking them all out in action, you’ll be sure to bless them with the high ranking of “supreme GAS.”

1. Karagii

2. iamBush

3. jalon

4. Ninjayla

5. Krystalogy

6. BarefootTasha

7. AvaGG

8. EricaNagashima


10. dreamcrazzy

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