These 10 Black Twitch Streamers are Definitely Worth a Watch

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It’s easy to get caught up in a vortex full of Twitch streamers that happen to play the games you love to watch. Catching up on highlights and live streams from your favorites eventually becomes a regular occurrence. And over time, you’ll come to sing the praises of the streamers that entertain you the most. 

Twitch’s streamer landscape stretches far and wide to include a nice variety of ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, etc. The personalities we’ve listed below represent the very best of the popular streaming platform. Each one comes with their own discernible personality, signature approach to chat interaction, and a gamut of games they love to play when it’s time to hop on camera. But most importantly, these 10 streamers proudly represent the immense community of Black gamers that can be seen in all corners of the thriving hobby. They not only come with their own voice that speaks to the Blerd experience, but they also provide the type of quality content that puts them right next to the current titans of game streaming.

It’s about time we showed love to 10 of our favorite Black Twitch streamers.

1. TheBlackHokage

The man who once went by the moniker of ModernWarNegro has morphed into one of the most enjoyable streamers on the gaming scene. TheBlackHokage has ascended to new levels of success and has done so thanks to his dedicated streaming efforts and podcast conversations that regularly drop gems. His streams are full of variety - one minute, he can be seen catching W’s in intense Apex Legends matches. And then there are moments where you can catch him making his way through an open-world adventure such as Immortals: Fenyx Rising. The BlackHokage’s raw sense of humor is one of his strongest traits, plus his penchant for delivering life lessons and quality stories on stream adds even more to his magnetic presentation.

2. DaGamer2323

Chances are you probably recognize this dude from his hilarious PS4 unboxing. DaGamer2323’s outlandish skits and unmistakable laugh are hard to ignore, which is why you should watch him in his natural streaming habitat. Besides being gut-bustlingly funny, DaGamer2323 is also in tune with his mental health and makes sure to spend a stream or two listening to his viewers express their everyday struggles. When it comes time to hop on the sticks, he plays anything and everything that comes his way. You’ll find yourself staying through a full DaGamer2323 stream as he debates with his chat about all sorts of fun topics while he chips away at an epic RPG or embarrasses the competition in some good old-fashioned Halo.

3. BarefootTasha

BarefootTasha can be outrageous most of the time. But that’s why we love her so much. Listening to her belt out some of the wildest comments anyone has ever heard is just a part of the fun. Just take a peek at the video “ExposingBareFootGypsy” to hear just how out of pocket (in a good way, of course) she can be. She’s adopted a new title these days but still remains as amusing as ever over on her Twitch platform. BarefootTasha’s streams delve into extended chats with her community, explosive bouts of Apex Legends, and tense sessions with whatever horror-based game she feels like freaking out over.

4. Krystalogy

Krystalogy is another variety streamer who’s built herself a nice fan following in recent years. That’s because it’s so easy to like her—she maintains a nice rapport with her viewers at all times. Krystalogy delves into games such as Apex Legends, Valorant, Assassin’s Creed, and a whole host of other recognizable titles. Besides her on-stream activities, Krystalogy is also known for showcasing her amazing cosplay fits and giving her two cents on her favorite films from time to time. Krystalogy’s warm personality and appreciation for all things geek-related deserve to be commended here.

5. smugdabeasttv

“With the greatest of ease.” That catchphrase perfectly encapsulates smugdabeasttv’s fighting game mastery. Whenever he hops into Street Fighter V to wash the competition, it’s simply riveting to watch him do it as either G or Balrog. The longtime FGC tourney player shows us how it’s done on a regular basis. And he always makes it look so easy. Smug’s all about providing visual guides on how to get better at SFV, answering a flood of fan DMs, and taking on all comers through his amusing streams. Always remember - acting like you won't get command grabbed won't get you very far with smug.

6. Qwavii

Qwavii is a whole vibe. Whenever she starts grooving to whatever tough tune she desires, you have no choice but to start doing the same. She’s not just a maestro of music, however—she also dibbles and dabs in a nice lineup of games when she’s up for some streaming. Qwavii’s known for enjoying extended playtime with some first-person shooters, fighters, and mega-popular attractions such as Minecraft and Among Us. Her streams cover a wide variety of worthwhile games and her love for lit tunes makes her stand out from the pack.

7. BigCheeseKIT

The proud leader of the “Cheesus Christ” community has been grinding at this whole gaming and content creation thing for a good while now. He first began gaining traction thanks to his viral music video parodies over on YouTube. Since his rise to internet fame, BigCheeseKIT has spread out his entertaining efforts to Twitch and set himself up as one of the funnier variety streamers on the platform. BigCheeseKIT has gotten a major co-sign from T-Pain, which says a lot about his visibility and appreciation from everyone that watches him. His streams are guaranteed to increase your hype levels and make you elicit a few laughs along the way.

8. Samora

Samora is a proud member of Team Kitty and also happens to be a Twitch ambassador, which means her credentials are super legit, just in case you were wondering. Samora’s love for gaming is placed front and center, of course. But she also makes her anime fandom just as known - her favorite Dragon Ball Z character is Vegeta, and she adores One Piece. Samora’s varied gaming tastes cover titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, The Outer Worlds, Apex Legends, and so much more. You just gotta love her and her kitty as a package deal.

9. KarimCheese

KarimCheese is not to be messed with once he’s ready to hand out a whole bag of L’s in Apex Legends. His streams usually put his mastery of the battle royale shooter on full display, but he’s also known to hop into some decidedly different games from time to time. The self-described anime and futbol fan was featured on Twitch gaming’s The Weekly, which says a lot about his growing presence on the streaming platform. KarimCheese is certainly going places, but he remains grounded enough to feed his audience some awesome streams on a regular basis. We gotta show props to the man’s sick signature mask design, too.

10. PikaChulita

We gotta hand it to sis—PikaChulita uses her platform to push the topic of diversity within gaming and reps extra hard for the communities she champions. What we have here is a personable streamer that covers a wide gamut of games whenever she goes live. She can be seen getting caught up in another wild Among Us session, taking it all the way back with something retro (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards immediately comes to mind), and casually chopping it up with her friendly chat. Her gaming trigger finger’s a bit too itchy for our tastes (peep this clip for proof), but that trait is easy to forgive since it elicits so many laughs. Salute to you, Queen PikaChulita. And shout out to the rest of the blackgirlgamers crew.

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